Review of Divine Evil

I gave Divine Evil by Nora Roberts starstarstarstar.

Why?  As usual, Nora nailed it with the plot, setting and characterization.  I did not give her the usual five stars for one of two reasons:

1)  It was filled with far too much Satanic worship for my tastes.  Granted, this was part of the story, but it made me a bit uncomfortable.  Again, Nora tells it like it is so I do respect that.

2)  The story did not end with a real HEA.  For non-romance readers HEA= happy ending.  So for a romance novel, that drove me a bit crazy.

However, Nora Roberts is still one of my favorite authors and I would not hesitate to pick up another book.



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2 responses to “Review of Divine Evil

  1. I bought Divine Evil and couldn’t read the book. The fact that a teenage girl was one of the victims did not sit right with me. In my opinion, it was not a romance novel and should not have been published in that category.


  2. I read it, but it read like more of a crime thriller, you know?


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