Leather and Lace – Excerpts

Some excerpts from LEATHER AND LACE on Seasons of Love blog…

Seasons of Love

Today, Erica is sharing excerpts from Leather and Lace, her latest romantic suspense novel.  Enjoy!

Leather and Lace by Erica Sutherhome


By now, the crime scene had been taped off, but there was no officer around to patrol.  The familiar smell of blood and death drifted into his nose as well as the combination of dirt and trash. Stealing himself against it, he headed down the walkway.

He stopped as he saw a figure leaning over the still form.  He wondered if it was another cop.  As he got closer, he saw the long hair, knew it was a woman.  The lamplight hit her face and his heart stammered.  She was a beauty, for sure, with a heart shaped face and long, wavy brown hair.  But, what drew him the most was the look on her face.  The tears swimming in her eyes, the deep regret.

She certainly did not dress like a cop…

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