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Teaser from SECOND NATURE, a work in progress

I thought I’d share another teaser from SECOND NATURE, which is with beta readers right now.


The erotic growl came back and it ended on a purr. “If I do this, I can’t go back. I can’t undo it.”

She frowned and thought he was talking to himself more than to her. She couldn’t imagine what he meant. “I’m not going to change my mind. I want to help you, Alec. You need to feed and I can provide that for you.”

He was quiet for too long. “You don’t know what your trust means to me.”

She blinked back the tears that speared into her eyes. Like this, he certainly didn’t sound like a vampire or a supernatural being that had used people for years. He sounded…well, like a man. “Do it. I want you to,” she whispered, her body now trembling from a mix of anxiety and passion.

When his fangs struck her, she cried out at the bite, the burn. Suddenly it faded, replaced with only warmth. His arms encircled her, drawing her so close she couldn’t imagine not being with him in some way. The sucks, the slight pulls on her skin were very erotic and she knew she grew prepared for him.

She wondered how vampires could gauge what was enough, what was too much to take. Well, she could add that to her long list of questions, couldn’t she?

“So much thinking…relax, Desiree. I won’t take you if you’re uneasy about this.”

Her name sounded so right on his lips. She closed her eyes, and concentrated on the slow sucking sensation from his mouth. “I’m here. I’m fine,” she assured him. To ease them both, she lifted a hand to his hair. The black spikes were soft against her fingertips. His groan communicated itself to her. She moved her hand from his hair to the nape of his neck. His arms were like steel around her, but the strength wasn’t a deterrent. For a moment, she thought wildly of what it might be like to be a vampire, biting him, taking him as he took her equally. Her belly grew warm in a liquid slide.

His growl returned and she wondered if he’d read her mind. Probably.

She smiled and just held him in return.

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