Upon Your Honor – Excerpts

Excerpts from UPON YOUR HONOR on Seasons of Love Blog!

Seasons of Love

More for your weekend reading enjoyment! Excerpts from Upon Your Honor by Marie Lavender.

Upon-Your-HonorExcerpt 1

When she swung about, it was too much to bear. The horses came fast. There was no time. She put her hands up in defense. Before she knew it, she was sprawled on the ground. Waiting for death to take her, she closed her eyes. The absence of pain roused her.

Hands searched her. “Chloe?”

She opened her eyes. Gabe was holding her in his arms. “Gabriel? What happened?”

He shook his head. “A runaway carriage, that’s all.”

Assessing her body, she glanced back at him. “How?”

He frowned. “There was only time to push you out of the way.”

With a sigh of relief, she buried her face against his chest, blinking back tears. When she felt his lips move over her temple, she lifted her head. The kindness there in his eyes…

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