Guest Author Marie Lavender (and much, much more)!

Promo for the Heiresses in Love series on Olga’s blog…

Just Olga

Hi all:

It’s Friday and today it’s the turn of a fascinating writer, Marie Lavender. I’ve met her though one oft he groups of writers I frequent and I’ve had the pleasure of being a guest in the blog where she shares the experiences, in and outs and advice writers give other writers or people thinking about writing. Marie is currently working on the third book of her series ‘Heiress in Love‘  ‘Upon Your Love’ and to get everybody ready, we thought you’d enjoy getting to know her and her books a bit more.  And she’s also bringing as a taste of what her new book will be like…

I leave you in the very good hands of Marie:

Marie Lavender

I wanted to introduce you to the Heiresses in Love Series today.  This will be a trilogy, but only two books are available right now. …

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2 responses to “Guest Author Marie Lavender (and much, much more)!

  1. Continued success to you Marie. Really? 19 books? Gulp! 🙂


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