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Here is a new review for M&M on PRG.

Moonlight and Magick by Marie Lavender


Novelette:  Magick & Moonlight

Author:  Marie Lavender

Publisher:  Solstice Publishing

Genre:  Romance

Rating:  Adult


Ethan Hamilton is an ex-cop from Seattle who has decided to relocate to Yachats, Oregon to get away from his past, a past that haunts him daily.  He has rented a small cabin in the woods trying to make a new start. His new start occurs when a simple walk in the woods brings him face to face with a naked Wiccan named Jessie Anderson. 

When the two meet they feel that they know each other and because of that Jessie lets her guard down and admits that she was in the process of performing a spell.  After arriving home she realizes she told her secret to a perfect stranger; the only way out of it is to spell him with a love spell making him her puppet.

The spell works perfectly until the day that it wears off. Jessie and Ethan have admitted they love each other but will that love be strong enough to overcome her deception?  Will Ethan hate her when he finds out she used him? Is the love they professed to each other real or just part of the spell? 

This was a short magical romance that I really enjoyed.


Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

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