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MARSocial Special Interview: Question & Answers #2

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Hello everyone! So, finally we received all answers from our participants from MARSocial author network. Are you excited to read the answers yet? Question #2 is from author Theresa Moretimer and her question is “What made you choose the genre you write?”

Let’s check out the answers from all 11 author participants !

1) Coleman Weeks

I write about whatever is rattling around in my head, it is therapeutic

2) Viv Drewa

I love anything scary. Especially having to do with ghosts. So after reading all genre’s I chose paranormal.

3) K. J. Rollinson

I do not have a particular genre. I write fantasy, murder. My present book, which is approximately half finished, ‘Where Lies My Heart’ will be an adventure/love story.

4) Sam Reese

It’s really two things. I love horror as a genre, and when I try writing anything, somehow horror becomes at least an element of the story…

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