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MARSocial Special Interview: Question & Answers #3

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Hello everyone! So, finally we received all answers from our participants from MARSocial author network. Are you excited to read the answers yet? Question #3 is “What’s your favorite color and favorite dessert?” from Annie Edmonds. 

Let’s check out the answers from all 11 author participants !

1) Coleman Weeks

Red and all things chocolate

2) Viv Drewa

My favorite color is emerald green, I love fruit.

3) K. J. Rollinson

Colour (English spelling) is blue. Favourite dessert (ditto) anything with chocolate.

4) Sam Reese

Favorite color is black, favorite dessert is probably apple pie, though I love me some dessert.

5) Neil McGowan

Favourite colour is a deep emerald green; I a savoury guy when it comes to desserts, so probably cheese and biscuits, preferably a good blue cheese!

6) Marion Lovato

My favorite color is lilac.  My favorite dessert is cherry cobbler.

7) Jaro Berce

I’m not…

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