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“A Symbol of Love” – a poem

A Symbol of Love

Today I came across this single red rose,

arid flower,

pressed in a random volume,


reminiscent of another time.

It reminded me of you,

a gift I still treasure.

With it, I remembered the day you presented it,


the way you swept me off my feet,

the night you asked me the most important question of my life.

I remembered your love,

your many kind gestures over the years,

the words you always say,

words I’ll never forsake,

your kisses I’ll never stop wanting,

suzanastankovska - photobucket - 2

your strong embrace that makes me feel safe and warm.

I will always return to you.

This rose is precious like us,


and when I saw it I feared touching it,

thought a mere caress would break its fragile stem,

its delicate petals.

Even as it’s dried, it is us,


an eternal bond.

But, so is this diamond glinting upon my hand.


It is a vow we’ve made,

a promise.

A promise to always be true,

together as one.

So I closed the book and the rose,


turning away,

not to forget,

but to revisit it another day.

Because you are here now,

in my heart,

my thoughts are full of you.

And when you are near,

I need nothing more.

You’re my everything,

and dried petals pale in comparison to this,


what we’ve built from the very start.

As I look up into those hazel eyes,

you somehow center me.


The world seems a bit brighter and the stars are bigger,

colors are richer,

everything is magnified with you.

But, that is the power of love…

isn’t it?

And nothing can take you away from me.

You are mine,

and I am yours.


© Marie Lavender, 2014.

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