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“This Is Us” – a poem

This Is Us

I can’t explain how we fit together so well,

skin against skin,

swaying to the rhythm of our hearts,

our bodies entwined.


I can’t explain the connection,

the link between our minds,

No matter our differences we still get each other.

I can’t explain the sense of completion as I look into your eyes,

the safety of being near you,

being held by you.


I can’t explain the strong passion that wasn’t there with others,

the race of my blood,


the urge within to be closer to you,

as close as possible.

I can’t explain how content I feel when you caress my cheek or kiss my forehead,


how right it feels to be at your side.

There is nothing like it in the world.

I can’t explain my racing heart or my lips that need to be kissed,

or even these eyes that crave the sight of you.


I can’t explain us.

No words would ever suffice.

It just is,

like the sun that comes up every morning.

It simply is,

like the breaths we all take,

so natural,

so necessary.

It just is.


All I can say is you mean everything to me and that will never change.

This is us, my love,

and it doesn’t need to be explained.

This is us,

just you and me in this moment.

I love you.

Perhaps that is the only explanation to give.

Nothing else could explain how much I need you.

Even when we’re both having bad days,

we always come back to this.



This is us, and that’s all we’ll ever need.


© Marie Lavender, 2014.

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