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“You Keep Me Hoping” – a poem

You Keep Me Hoping


I recall last night as  I was in your arms,

the comfort of your skin against mine,


the sure touch that can ignite fires inside me,

your eyes that balance me.

Even if we don’t make love, I cherish our talks.

We relate so well.

couple smiling

It’s this memory of you…

you keep me hoping.

 Despite the ups and downs in our lives,


I know I only have to think of you or call you just to hear your voice.

Suddenly, the world is right again.

Love won’t solve every problem, critics say.

And sure, I agree in a way.

But, love is more than they think.

Love is powerful.


Faith is too, and I have faith in us.

There will be bad days – there have already been – but, knowing you’re there…

it keeps me hoping…


Hoping for that day when we can become one forever,

when every moment away from you will only be a breath from having you beside me,

when I can look across the room and you’ll give me that warm, teasing smile,

when all of these hopes can finally become reality,

and I can be yours in more than words and body.

I will be yours on the page as we both sign our names.

I will be yours by the rings we wear that symbolize it.

Wedding rings

I know we don’t need labels – we never have – what we have is special,


an unbreakable bond.

But, every smile,

every laugh,


every touch,

the perfection of your embrace,

the way we connect so well…

you keep me hoping.


Your brilliant mind keeps me hoping.

Your touch that can stir so much passion in me…

it keeps me hoping.


Most of all, it’s the years of memories I have of you…

they all keep me hoping for that better day,

when you’re always mine,

us against the world,

our hands linked,

hearts together,

when the word “husband” takes on a new meaning.


Despite the wait, I just close my eyes and I am back with you.

You call me up and you reaffirm our bond.

Every word,

every touch when you see me does.

It’s always going to be you that steadies me, love.


You keep me hoping,

for a new start,

for a better life,

an improved world,

so I try to do my part.

One glance into your beautiful eyes and I am transformed,



You keep me hoping…

for us.


© Marie Lavender, 2014.

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