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“Everything to Me” – a poem

Everything to Me

Every time you leave, I yearn more for you.

When we’re apart, nothing feels right until we’re reunited.

I could spend a lifetime learning the many facets of you and I’d never get tired.

I can see the love in your eyes and I reciprocate it.


You show your feelings in so many ways…

You take care of me,

you listen,

you worship my body completely.


I could never ask for a more perfect love.

It means everything to me…


Real love isn’t perfect…

It has its occasional hiccups,

a mild argument or difference of opinion,

the wait to be together,

to become one in a perfect union,


our minds,

our souls,

our hearts together.

But, that’s what makes life interesting.


We are similar in many ways,

connecting beyond the visible,

even speaking in unison now and then followed by a laugh,

finishing each other’s sentences.

It’s this very connection I depend on.

When you’re far away, it’s still there but different.

Life isn’t easy.

The distance can be hard.

So, I wait until we can seal our bond,

speak those necessary words,

become an even stronger unit than before.


It’s the quiet moments I need as well,

your arms holding me tight,

your lazy smile,

those amazing, intelligent eyes on me.

These moments mean everything to me.

 suzanastankovska - photobucket - 2

Sometimes I can’t believe I was so lucky,

fortunate enough to be there at the time that you looked me up and asked to talk.

I am so glad I wasn’t close-minded to the possibilities of the future,

blessed that you took a chance on me,

relieved that I decided to go on that blind date despite my misgivings,

my fears of being hurt again.

Finally, you showed up and everything sort of clicked into place.

That meant everything to me.

It still does.


You’re my soul mate,

my lover,

my best friend.

And without you, I’d probably be half of who I am today.

But with you, I am stronger,


more willing to take risks.

You get me like no one else ever has.


I need you more every day, love.

And I cannot wait to be yours…

Yes, I know I am yours and you are mine…

It has always been that simple between us.

More than anything though, I can’t wait to be your wife,

to laugh and love with you,


to be at your side for eternity.

Marriage is more than a ring or a certificate,

Wedding rings

to me it’s everything because it means…

a life with you.

That means everything to me.

So here’s to our life together.

May it be as perfect as our connection has been since the beginning.

I love you, and I always will.

You are…

Everything to me.


© Marie Lavender, 2014.

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