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“Blessed” – a poem



It’s beyond words what I feel for you,

but I always try to capture it.

I can only say I feel…



The way you draw me close,

holding me tight,

I’ve never felt so safe with anyone else.

I can only feel…



The way you speak those words,

professing your love,

saying you’ll always take care of me,

I can only feel…

blessed to have you.


Looking into your eyes,

a fascinating mix of brown and green,

the way you kiss me and my eyes drift closed,

I can only feel…



When you smile at me or give me that gaze full of affection,

the way we work so well together,

even when we link hands and they fit so perfectly,

I can only feel…

blessed beyond measure.


Our hearts,

our souls connect,

our bodies were made for each other.

I can only feel…

so blessed.


What I feel is beyond words so this is my small contribution.

I try to describe it and just one word comes to mind.

Oh, love…

you make me feel blessed.

shutterstock_soul mates

Blessed to have you,

blessed that I never questioned this flood of feelings inside,

blessed that we’re sharing a life together.


As you look at me tonight,

as you pull me close,

I can only shut my eyes,

breathe in your wonderful scent,

count our breaths and heartbeats so much in unison,

and simply feel…



© Marie Lavender, 2014.

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