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Teaser from UPON YOUR LOVE

I’ve been steadily at work finishing up the final book of the Heiresses in Love Series, Upon Your Love. Current word count? 112,816 words. Lots more writing to do before I even think of edits. So, I thought I’d drop by today and offer a teaser. For those familiar with the series, you may have wondered if I was ever going to pair Eric, Grant’s valet and family friend to the Hill’s, with someone. Well, here’s the answer and a sexy teaser:

“You don’t approve of women who give their favors easily,” she said at last, her eyes fastened on him once more.

“That’s right. It’s not snobbery in any fashion. I believe that some women are placed in that position because of circumstances I can’t even imagine. I do see why it occurs, but it’s not my preference at all.”

“In what context is it all right then?”

He wondered where this line of questioning was going. Judging from her reaction just a few minutes ago, she couldn’t be in a hurry to repeat that intimacy. “If two people care about each other and are attracted to one another, then I believe there’s no reason they shouldn’t act on their feelings. Unless there are reasons they should avoid it.”

“Such as?”

He shrugged. “One is too young or it’s an extramarital affair. In those cases, it is, of course, the proper thing to avoid getting too close.”

“And what about us? Would that be proper?”

He swallowed hard. Couldn’t she see that she was tormenting him? “Ah…yes, I suppose. But, you don’t feel that way about me, Claudette.”

She frowned. “You’ve kissed me many times.”

“So I have. But, if you felt any more for me, you would have told me by now.”

She began to pace around the room, his eyes following her like she was his body’s only compass. “And what if I was waiting on you?”

“Were you?” he murmured, then shook his head. “You don’t mean that. Awhile ago, you thought I’d hurt you, which I would never do, chére. What you’re saying is not possible.”

“You’re wrong.”

He frowned. “What?”

“I wasn’t afraid you had attacked me.” She sighed. “I was afraid I’d had too much to drink…”

“That I’d taken advantage of you?”

“No, only that I let you, that I consented. But, then I saw that you were still dressed.”

“It was meant to reassure you.”

“Thank you for that.” She crossed the room and sat beside him on the bed. When she reached out and touched his cheek, he steeled himself against the urge to lean closer. “You’re a good man, Eric. I’ve never known anyone like you. It would be an honor to be with you.”

Mon Dieu, was she saying what he thought she was? His most fervent dreams couldn’t possibly be happening right now. “The honor is mine, I assure you. For any moment I spend with you is unforgettable.”

A fine sheen came over her eyes, making her green gaze appear luminous. Tears, he thought, but she didn’t shed them. He kept his eyes on hers, absorbing her nearness until she leaned forward and brushed her mouth against his. The tingling sensation moved throughout his entire body, creating fires that weren’t quite there before. Helpless to resist her invitation, he let himself dive into the kiss, seeking her sweetness with his tongue. When they came up for air, he speared a hand into her long hair. “Ah, Claudette, you know how much I want you. I cannot hide it. But, I want do to this properly.” He took a deep breath as he looked into her pretty eyes. “Tell me ‘no’ now, and I’ll leave this room.”

“I don’t want to say ‘no’.”

He groaned. “If you don’t, I’m going to make love to you and I doubt either of us will be the same again.”

Her lips parted and he stole a kiss, knowing he was on the edge. They both moaned. “Say it. Tell me ‘no’,” he said, tearing his mouth away.

“No one has ever made love to me. I should like to experience that.”

Her voice was barely a whisper, but his body heard every word, leaning closer. It took a second for his brain to weigh in. He nodded, and knew that he had to go slowly because of her limited experience, and she clearly wasn’t going to brush him off. He paced himself by touching her gently, brushing her exposed shoulders and arms with his palms as he leaned in to kiss her again.



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