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A great period romance!

I don’t often write reviews for the I Love Romance Blog, only when I feel that I have something to say. I never promise reviews, not just because I don’t have a lot of free time, but I also don’t wish to have an author saying, “Hey! Why didn’t you give me five stars?” I’m not saying every author approaches a review with a lack of professionalism. Most don’t, but I still don’t want to take that chance (I’ve heard the horror stories). If I do a review, I am honest and I will only put it up on this blog if it’s a book I truly enjoyed.

Having said that, I had to bring this series to your attention as it relates to our theme – romance. After purchasing and reading the final book recently, I thought it was about time to make an overall statement regarding this fantastic historical romance series.

I accidentally stumbled across Kris Tualla’s The Discreet Gentleman Series when my publisher assigned me an editor for Upon Your Return. After seeing the unique relationship between Captain Grant Hill and his valet Eric, she recommended a series with a somewhat similar theme. It was, in many ways, entirely different, but so worth the read.


The Discreet Gentleman Series by Kris Tualla is a Viking series set in 1700s Norway. Brander Hansen is a discreet gentleman of discovery, a kind of pre-Sherlock Holmes. This series is full of suspense, intrigue and romance. Brander is a unique investigator in more than one way, however. Not only is he a master of disguise, he is deaf, and he and his cousin Niels have created an original way to communicate with one another, not altogether different from modern sign language. What he doesn’t expect is to be confronted with Lady Regin and all of the wonder and complications she will cause him during his question to gain back his honor and status as a gentleman.

This is a lovely, fantastic series that will keep you on your toes! You never know what kind of trouble these two will get into. I loved all of the characters in this series, and I can’t wait to read Kris Tualla’s other books! I give the entire series a fabulous five stars,and I fully recommend it to anyone who loves history, romance or mysteries!

Here are the books, blurbs and purchase links:


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Amazon Universal link:

Barnes & Noble:


Amazon Universal link:

Barnes & Noble:


Amazon Universal link:

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Amazon Universal link:

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Thanks again, Kris Tualla, for making my romantic’s heart race. Now I have a reason to love Vikings! You’ve certainly made a loyal fan out of me.  😀

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