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“Forever” – a poem


This heart was once locked,


jaded by pain,

with merely a small yearning,

a tiny hope for something real.

I yearned for “forever”, it seemed…

and I found that in you.


This body was once protected from the advances of others,

secretly ready to open to the one with the right touch,

the one who knew just what to do.

It wanted an unequaled passion,

the forever kind…


This mind once turned away from the trauma of the past,

so many heartaches,

too many disappointments were enough.

It was closed off, not ready to open to a kind word from a man, however genuine.


Even a witty comeback was a temporary high,

hardly a thing to invest in.

And yet, it needed a connection,

a forever sort.


But, you exhibited all of these things and more,

you opened this heart, this body, this mind until I am only yours,

and you have become the cure.

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When I fall,

I need only to reach out and you are there,

not just to catch me but to encourage me to try again.


I don’t have enough words to describe what you do to me,

for me,

how amazing we are together,

or why you, and everything you are, woke me up.


The heart wants what it wants, they say,

and truer words couldn’t be spoken.

Well, I’ll add to that…

The body craves and the mind yearns for an equal,

for someone who can understand it completely.


But, I have to say…

you did so much more than reach my heart, my body or my mind.

You, my love,

you touched my soul,

and I’ll never forget that.


This love is forever,

not the kind to be brushed away on a whim.

Naysayers can criticize all they want,

but they’ve never seen anything this timeless.


This is us.

Explaining it is impossible.

But, why bother to explain a miracle?

It just is.


I only know one thing, the most important one.

You are mine.



© Marie Lavender, 2015.

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