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Guest Poet Spotlight: Honcho Mars

Hi, readers! As part of our romance theme on ILRB, I decided to recognize a pretty special time for writers and readers alike. April is National Poetry Month, and it’s about time I bring in a guest poet here on the blog, don’t you think? I love poetry, almost as much as I love romance! It is music for my eyes, and a song in my heart. 🙂


To recognize this wonderful holiday, I have asked the talented and insightful poet Honcho Mars to stop by and give us a little taste of his poetry today. Hello, Honcho!


Honcho: Hello! It’s a pleasure to be here, Marie.

Marie:  The honor is mine, I assure you. Thank you for visiting us, and welcome to the I Love Romance Blog, where we get to talk about my favorite subject, love! So, take a moment and please give us some lovely poetry to thrill our romantic hearts…


Poems by Honcho Mars


Your beauty blossoms like a flower in spring

A beauty unmatched

Which words can not speak?

A beauty when the leaves change colors

A beauty that my eyes desire

A beauty that my heart has dreamt

A true beauty

Untouched by men

Where a thief cannot steal

A beauty within

A beauty that does not fade away

On these knees I have prayed that such a beauty

Was real I have found that beauty

In you

The beauty of a love

Outlasting eternity

Just you and me.


A Moonshine love

Under a moonlit night I held you tight

The glow of your eyes

Out shined the moons presence

If we must go our separate ways

If you wonder if I still care

Look up and see

That same moon

Casting a light

So bright

That is my love for you

Never feel blue I will always Love you

As the man on the man

Who let you go to soon?

The space between earth and the moon

I would walk

To be by your side

That is my place

Let us kiss

Upon a pale blue night

Out of this world

Our love takes flight

No need to fight

A beauty pure

My heart you have always had

From the very first sight


In bloom

The time is spring

3rd of April

Slight breeze

Fragrant of flowers in the air

Sun is shining

Birds in the sky

It is you to has caught my eye

The sparkle of your headband

Glows of gold and rare stones

Your hair you toss oh so gently

Moment of beauty

Taking my breathe away

The smile thrown in my direction

Reassures me of the love you give

So freely you give it to me

I approach counting every step

Till I closeout the distance between us

Our shadows greet each other

Our hands touch

Embraced as if they were in war

Leaning in our lips say hello

Sealing our love with a kiss

Setting off the firework show within

Our hearts beating the same song

Eyes never lose sight of each other

Closed by the veil of love

Opening to glace into our souls

Speaking the words

I love you

With all my heart and more

Our love is beautiful


May her love

May her love and light

Grace the night sky

Mixing with the stars

Becoming a beacon of hope

In this life

Forever leading my broken heart

Through the days of beautiful suffering

A moment to boast

To say my love was with her

To say her heart I knew it well


My response


One night as we were lying under the stars

You asked me a question

How much do you love me?

I thought about it

My response was this

More than the stars in the sky

You then said

There are too many to count

I said my love cannot be counted

Then you asked me again

How much do you love me?

I asked can you swim to the bottom of the sea

You said no it is too deep

I said so is my love

You asked me once more

How much do you love me?

My response was this

My love for you grows

Like a flower watered by love

Like the love of summer’s rain on a hot day

The joy of waking each morning Next to you Is God’s gift to me

The fire of my passion for you

Is like a volcano erupting

Like firework on the fourth of July

I then looked into your eyes

I said not a word

For the answer you seek

Was revealed by the whisper of my soul

The beating of my heart


With one kiss


 With a gentle kiss upon my lips

The storm brewing within


With one look

I was yours

With a smile

I knew it was true

Love has finally found me

Down here where

The lonely reside

Happiness I shall not hide

Tears no longer drops of pain

As your hand touches my face

Brushing away the years

The years I cowered in fear

Lost in the darkness of uncertainty

Your love showing the way out

Out of misery

Into the land abundance

Sheltered by love

Enclosed in your embrace

With you by my side

I know that my days are filled

By the look in your eyes

I have read your soul

I know I am now finally complete.


Poet Bio

10447052_1435612340036889_2672300518382223832_nHoncho Wolfgang Von Mars began his journey as a youth in San Antonio, Texas. Having a strong desire to join the music scene, he combined forces with his brother Michael Gonzales and they formed Kin of Cain, a local rap group. From there, he felt like his future was laid out before him. Searching for his voice, he found it in writing poetry.

Writing for three years now, Honcho believes poetry is a way to release built up emotions, which is why he founded Writers of the Storm, an online community of thousands of poets around the world. Currently, he is in the process of writing a poetry book. While he’s against promoting evil and hate, his main desire is to lighten up the darkness of the world with love and positive thoughts.

Poet Links




Once again, I want to thank our distinguished guest and poet, Honcho Mars, for stopping by the I Love Romance Blog!  It was such a pleasure to have you here! Readers, don’t forget to follow this awesome poet’s work! 🙂

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