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What Kind of Author Will You Be?

Have you ever met one of your favorite romance authors in person? Yes? How did it go? And if you haven’t yet, how would you handle it? In our dreams, we want them to be well…magnanimous towards us, right? And as authors, we love to hear from our readers. But, what if the dream wasn’t the reality? Here’s some food for thought for authors and readers alike…

K. M. Warfield

Today, I want to talk about discovering what kind of author you want to be. 

I’m not talking what genre, what constitutes success, or advocating traditional publishing vs. self. I’m talking about the public image you want. How you see yourself in the role of author.

From the minute we write our first query letter, we start developing our professional image. That email is going to set the tone for your career. Yes, we’re authors and not movie stars. But don’t think for a second how we interact with others in the industry has no effect on your career.

In just a minute, I want you to close your eyes. When you do, I want you to visualize yourself at a con dedicated to the worlds you’ve created. One where you’re the guest of honor. Readers have spent hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars just to come see you in panels…

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