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Teaser from BLUE VISION, a work in progress…

Recently, I’ve been working on something that isn’t quite what I usually write. Blue Vision is a paranormal/sci-fi romance. In any case, it has been a blast to write and I can’t wait to share this snippet with all of you. Bring on the romance, right? Hmm…what should I choose to show you? This one should do just fine.

Here is the teaser:


The cold air practically cut through her pea coat now. Brooke shivered and just as she drew her coat tighter against her, she saw a sudden bright light in the sky. It streaked down, nearly at an angle, like a beam shooting down from the heavens. It was a bright green color and its descent was fast, too quick to discern the source. It went straight into the middle of the forest, then everything was dark once more. Just as she narrowed her eyes, straining to see better, the earth moved. She felt the tremor beneath her feet and at the railing under her grasp.

Thrown off balance, she fell back on her rump. After the initial shock wore off, she laughed, righting herself. Almost sure she had imagined the light, she suddenly saw a bright green glow coming from the woods to her right. Curious, she left the deck and entered the cabin once more.


She dialed Helen’s number using the landline in the kitchen, then sat down at the table there. “Yes, I’m calling from cabin 13. This might sound silly, but I think we just had an earthquake.” She paused for a moment. “You didn’t feel anything? But, I’m certain there was something. And the green light. No, of course I haven’t been drinking. I didn’t know there was any wine here.” She sighed. “Well, all right. Thank you.” She hung up, then stood, wrapping her arms around her trembling body. How could she be the only one who noticed it? “I know I didn’t imagine it.”

Brooke went to find a flashlight in one of the kitchen drawers and when she located one, she left the cabin, descending into the woods in the direction of the green glow. She was aware of it from a distance and as she trudged through the snow, scaling the slope of land, she thought she could hear a humming sound, almost mechanical. She pushed on, aware that her legs were quickly becoming numb and the wet snow was inching its way into her boots at a maddening rate. She pushed forwards, intent on finding the source of the light. Then everything went dark, including her flashlight.

She froze. A string of curses left her as she beat the infernal flashlight against her thigh. The battery rolled around in the chamber, but nothing else happened. There was complete darkness surrounding her. She strained to see the light that had been there just moments before, but to no avail. Nothing was there. And she couldn’t go further without seeing ahead of her. She didn’t want to stumble or injure herself if she headed back to the cabin. She certainly didn’t want to die on the ground in the forest in the middle of winter.

She shivered, pulling her coat tighter, but it did little to protect her from the icy cold. Suddenly the green light returned and it was just ahead. She pushed forward, trekking through the calf-deep snow in her awkward boots and short skirt. “Hello?”

As she neared the green ray of light, she saw a figure looming before her. It was shrouded in black. Startled, she screamed, tripping over her own feet. She landed face first in the snow. Coughing, she struggled and then eased back on her heels, trying to push herself up. She felt an arm around her, lifting her, assisting her. When she regained her footing, she whispered, “Thank you.”

But, there was no answer. She swung to see who it was, but no one was there. She turned back and saw the figure standing several feet away once more.

“I’m sorry to have startled you.”

Brooke laughed nervously. “I didn’t expect to see anyone else out here. No one believed me. But, I know what I saw. I came to see about the light.” Aware she was babbling and probably sounded like a loon, she clamped her mouth shut, crossing her arms over her chest.


She frowned and pointed at the green beam of light just ahead, beyond the trees.

“You saw nothing.”

Her eyes narrowed. “What do you mean? It’s right there! Just look.”

He stepped closer to her, enough so that she could see his upper body and face. He was tall, his shoulders broad and his physique muscular, his shoulders wide like a football player. His hair was cropped short at his skull and dark brown. His eyes were so dark, practically black as he stared down at her. And there was a bluish tint to his skin. Her gaze widened as it traveled down. He was naked. Holy crap, he was really naked. Her breath caught at that discovery and her heart began to race wildly.

“You saw nothing,” he repeated, lifting her chin with one finger as he looked into her eyes.

She shivered, and then blinked. His eyes were electric blue now. Jesus, maybe she was losing her mind. People’s eyes didn’t shift color like that.



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