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A to Z Challenge: Identity by Cleo Scornavacca

As you know, I’m putting myself to the A to Z Challenge for blogging for the month of April.


For these posts, I’ll be giving an I Love Romance Blog score, not an official review, for books currently on my shelf at home (I know readers must wonder what books inspires us as authors) or ones that are on my TBR list (what I want to read so bad I can’t stand it!). For each book, I will give the blurb, a few lines from the text, then why I liked the book or why I’d want to read it. And for fun, I’ll give a heart rating! ♥

This is my scoring system:

I hope these A to Z Challenge suggestions will help you find a new favorite author, or further cement your love for one, if that’s the case.

Let’s jump into our next book, shall we?

Identity by Cleo Scornavacca


Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance


…………..People aren’t always who you believe them to be.

Dominick Kane and Rain Medici started their relationship with one another in the most unconventional way.

He kidnapped her.

With the kidnapping now behind them, life returns to normal, right?

Not a chance.

The push, the pull and their fights for control that we’ve come to love about Dominick and Rain still exist. And so does their passion.

People aren’t who you think they are. Familiar faces are not so familiar. The past and the present collide, opening up all of those old wounds and struggles once again.

Now, everything you thought you knew, gets blown out of the water.

Can Dominick and Rain finally heal what’s broken? Or will new discoveries push them even further apart?

Will love win out and bring them back together? Or will ghosts of the past ultimately destroy their love once and for all……………..

A few choice lines:




My Score:

I stumbled across this title in 2014, when I attended the release party on Facebook and won signed bookmarks! I became obsessed with the series then, and I had to add both books to my Amazon Wishlist.

I haven’t read the first book yet, but I plan to.


The case of mistaken identity has always intrigued me because it’s the perfect fodder for a writer’s imagination:

“How will the characters resolve this?”

In any case, I can’t wait to read this novel, and the whole series, as soon as I can! I’ve also heard there are plans for a third book in the series. How exciting! 😉


I’ll give Identity four hearts, because it sounds like a must read! 🙂

four hearts

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