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Book Feature with Q&A: I Like the Way You Hurt by Lorrain Allen

I am pleased to announce a great book by Lorrain Allen, an author I met during my journey! This talented writer is stopping by to tell us about teen multicultural dark romance, I Like the Way You Hurt, which released in early December. We wish you many many successes with this title!

Woo hoo! It’s always fun to discover romance authors and books. 😀

Lorrain is giving us a look at her multicultural dark romance with a bullying theme, I Like the Way You Hurt, today.

Great cover!

This is the blurb for I Like the Way You Hurt:

“You don’t belong here. In fact, you don’t belong anywhere.”

“I know where I belong and it’s standing right next to you.”

Before the first day of school he turned most of the senior class against me, but I’m not easily broken.

When I don’t fold under pressure he comes at me full force, wanting to destroy me. He never expected to be the one to fold.


I walk through constant fog with an overcast sky… there’s no sun to warm my cold flesh, but suddenly on the horizon I see a slash of light breaking through the darkness. I walk towards the brightness, like a moth to a flame – needing it like it’s my salvation, needing to escape this empty void. When I see Cocoa the monster inside me wants to break free, desperately needing to wreck her world and devour her until my beast is sated. I’m confused by the feelings she stirs in me. She’s everything I’ve been taught to hate, but I can’t stay away. Will I be her destruction, or will she be my savior?


He’s fire and I’m gasoline. Should we ever combine we’ll start a wildfire, causing devastation in its wake. I’m on precarious ground, but I like the burn of the searing flames. I’m drawn to this beautiful irrevocably damaged boy like a magnet, even though he hates me. He’s on a collision course, but still I jump in, fastening my seatbelt to come along for the ride. Could I be the balm needed to soothe the pain in his heart, or should I prepare for impact?

WARNING: This book contains strong sexual content and triggers. The subject matter is very brutal. Readers beware. This book isn’t for sensitive individuals.

Book Info:

Author: Lorrain Allen

Release Date: December 6, 2019

Genre: teen multicultural romance, dark romance, bully romance

And here is an excerpt to tease you with...

“Hi Maverick,” says Cocoa.

My fucking God.

She has to be a siren—the sight of her amazes me. Cocoa’s wearing a skimpy red bikini. My eyes travel from her full lips to her bikini top that barely contains her plump breasts, to her slightly round stomach, and then to her inviting thick thighs. The people around us go silent. No doubt the fuckers are wondering who she is to me.

“Who said you could speak to me?” I want to know how far I can push her. Will she run away crying, or rise to the challenge?

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, mutt.”


I’m referring to her biracial status.

She’s getting pissed now. That’s right, baby, give me your hate and your anger… that’s what I want.

“You don’t belong here,” I say. “In fact, you don’t belong anywhere. You’re not black or white. What you are is an abomination.”

“I know where the fuck I belong and it’s standing right next to you.”

Dee and Nix look intrigued, as does everyone else who’s close enough to hear the conversation.

“You really think so, Cocoa?”

“What type of name is Cocoa? That’s a dog’s name, but maybe that’s what you are. Your hair is a ghetto mess. Don’t you think you’re a little too fat to be wearing that bikini?” says Victoria.

“Aww, I would be upset too if I had the body of a twelve-year-old, you anorexic bitch,” Cocoa replies.

She knows how to give as good as she gets.

“Bitch, I will destroy you,” Victoria says as she stands.

“You can try.” Cocoa makes a fist, no doubt ready to beat the shit out of Victoria.

“Sit the fuck down, Victoria,” I warn her. “There’ll be no fighting at my house.”

She immediately sits her ass back down.

“There’s only one dog here that I see. Do you always obey your master?” says Cocoa.

Victoria gasps in outrage.

I stand and slowly walk to Cocoa. My tall form towers over her. She stands her ground, she’s not afraid of me, and I fucking love it. I don’t stop until my chest brushes her bikini top. There’s no skin to skin contact, but I can still feel the electricity between us. I grasp her upper shoulders, squeezing my fingers around her soft flesh. I know the hold is painful for her. She attempts to knee me in the dick, causing me to lose my grip on her shoulders. She breaks free and slaps me hard across the face.




Whoa! So intense. This sounds like quite a read!

Purchase Link:

Universal Reader link:


“HOLY HELL. Lorrain wasn’t kidding with the triggers and warnings. This is not your average bully romance. This packs a punch.” Brittany, Goodreads reviewer

“I fell in love with Maverick. He was so beautifully damaged. The romance is true to its dark interracial category.” – KayBee’s Bookshelf

“It was amazing even with its tough situations, it really was a good read a fast paced read.” Mary, Goodreads reviewer

“I’ve just begun reading ‘bully’ books and this one was intriguing, emotional and kept you wanting more.” Stephanie, Goodreads reviewer

“At times this was confrontational, but I was riveted and read this in one sitting. Maverick tugged at my heartstrings as he struggled with his darkness and his confusion about Cocoa.” Pauline, Bookbub reviewer

“The drama and emotions of the characters will have you flipping the pages in this newest release that doesn’t disappoint.” Rowena, Goodreads reviewer

“Everything Maverick has been through makes him nothing short of terrible. You love to hate him, but you also see he’s hurting and doesn’t know anything different.” Krystal, Goodreads reviewer

“I would encourage potential readers to grab this novel and read it because I couldn’t put it down until that last page was done.” L Holland, Goodreads reviewer

OMG! Love all the tension coming from book one. ♥♥♥ 😉

(Rapid knock on the studio door.)

(Marie frowns.) Who could that be? I’m not expecting a package or anything.

(Footsteps approaching.)

Oh, my! Wow, I didn’t know you were coming…

This is even better, readers. We have the author, Lorrain Allen, who just dropped in for a quick visit. Let’s give her a warm welcome! 😀

It’s great to have you here, Lorrain. Please come and sit down for a sec.


Author Lorrain Allen:  Hi, Marie! Thanks for letting me stop by.

Marie:  Of course, it’s my pleasure! So nice to meet you, by the way! (Shakes hands with her guest.)

Lorrain:  Great to meet you too.

Marie:  Well, I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a few questions while you’re here?

Lorrain:  Sure, I’d love that! 🙂

Marie:  Awesome!

Can you tell us a little about your background? When did your first book come out and where can we get it?

Lorrain:  I’m currently employed as a human resources professional, but that’s not where I want to be five years from now. My goal is to eventually leave my position to become a full time author. My first book was published in August 2019, but has since been unpublished.

Marie:  (Nods.) I hear you! As writers, our works are always evolving. 😉

So…a lot of readers love origin stories. What inspired you to start writing?

Lorrain:  I’m an avid reader and decided to pen my first manuscript after reading tons of books by amazing authors.

Marie:  Sure, a lot of inspiration to draw from there! 😉

How did you get into writing romance tales?

Lorrain:  Romance books are like oxygen to me, which prompted me to pursue becoming an author.

Marie:  Cool, me too! 😀

What, do you feel, sets I Like the Way You Hurt apart from other books in the genre?

Lorrain:  Bully romances are one of my favorite books to read, so I’ve read many and found that most lacked diversity. I wanted to write about a biracial heroine. Cocoa also has a lesbian and gay friend.

Marie:  Works for me.

(Phone rings.) 


Bummer! Oh, it looks like our guest had to take a personal call outside. I guess I’ll have to chat with her via email when I get a chance. But in the meantime, let’s take a look at a brief book trailer.

Lorrain:  Oh, no, I missed it. 😦 Sorry to run off like that.

Marie: It’s okay. I was just wrapping up things here. We’re getting short on time.

Lorrain:  In that case, I’ll leave you with a short message.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog. I hope you enjoy I Like the Way You Hurt!

Marie: It’s my pleasure, and I’m sure we will.

Thank you for telling us about your book, Lorrain! I know I can’t wait to read this bully romance!


Readers, don’t forget to pick up a copy of this awesome book! 🙂 Or you can add it to Goodreads!

I Like the Way You Hurt looks riveting! ♥ We’ll be sure to check it out!

Author Bio


Lorrain Allen currently resides in Washington, D.C. She has one amazing, albeit spoiled, son. She loves to get away from the world by losing herself in a book. Her long-term goal is to pen paranormal, contemporary, young adult, dark, and erotic romances. The subject matters of her books are controversial, but what’s life without a little controversy?

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Thank you for telling us about your great book! I know readers can’t wait to get ahold of this one!


We hope to see you back on ILRB sometime. 

Happy reading, everyone!  ♥♥♥ Have a lovely week!

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