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Book Feature: Private Relations by author Nina Brooks

I am pleased to announce a great book by Nina Brooks, an author I met during my journey! This talented writer is stopping by to tell us about sexy romance, Private Relations, which released back on New Year’s Eve!

Woo hoo! It’s always fun to discover romance authors and books. 😀

Nina is allowing us a look at an erotic rom com, Private Relations, today.

Nice cover!

This is the blurb for Private Relations:

This novel contains adult themes, scenes and language, and is not
intended for readers under 18. Reader discretion advised.

Against the glittering backdrop of Los Angeles, Tia, an aspiring event organizer, starts a new job at one of the biggest agencies in the field. It’s a dream come true – and it’s all downhill from there.
She is forced to adapt to the strict rules of the world she was always so fascinated by, and once she’s in the middle of things, she begins to understand that compromise is all too often the only possible choice.
Can Tia prove herself in her new world of expensive champagne, exclusive parties and eccentric personalities?
Ambiguous relationships, rivalries, and most of all, a forbidden, devastating attraction will shadow her along every step of the way…

Release Date: December 31, 2019

Genre: Romance/Erotic/Romantic Comedy

And here is an excerpt to tease you with...

“And…” Tiana swallowed, her voice low and sensual. “And then?”
“And then what?”
“It always ends in a tasting.”
“That’s true…” Ryan took one of the ice cubes out of his glass. “The grand finale is my favorite part,” he added, bringing the ice cube up to touch Tia’s back. “It’s buttery, spicy…and the cherry notes add a pleasing sweetness.”
Tia shivered as the ice touched her exposed skin. Ryan moved slowly, sliding it along her arm, then up again to her back, moving lightly toward her throat and then down her neckline. “Jesus,” she moaned, clutching the fabric of his shirt in her fingers. “Ryan…” His name escaped her lips like a plea veiled in panic. She was afraid. Afraid he would stop.
“What’s wrong?” he asked, enjoying the way Tia was melting into him. The ice cube slid along the edge of her neckline, right at the curve of her breast, and Tiana lost her mind. She moved to kiss him, but Ryan pulled his face away ever so slightly – just enough to keep her from reaching his lips.

“You’re in such a hurry…” he smiled. “The lesson isn’t over yet.”

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Woo! (Fans herself.)

♥♥♥ Love the sexual tension. This sounds like a sizzling read!

So, what are readers saying about this novel?

Wonderful read that will leave you wanting more…literally!! I love reading ‘new to me’ authors because I can see how different their writing styles are from other authors that I’ve read. Nina’s style is different and she has given us a wonderfully written story that will capture your attention and not let go until you face plant into that cliffie wall!! Excellent! I loved the well written and quite developed characters, especially Tia and Ryan. Tia has spunk, I’ll give her that. She talks a little, but when something really rattles her cage she has no problem with speaking her mind. Ryan is definitely a man’s man, and one that women want to be their man. But they are out of luck because when he meets Tia, he recognizes the attraction immediately; although he is twice her age AND her boss. There is definitely a slow simmering heat that begins to build between these two, question is…will they cross that line? Yeah, I’m not telling you! You will just have to read the book to find out for yourself! Wonderful read and I highly recommend this book!” – Kathy Rouchelle, Cajun Heat Book Blog

“Loved it! Oh, the tiny web we weave. I was sucked in from the beginning. Tia’s personality was a typical college attitude and I loved it! Especially her smart mouth. She’s young, strong willed and somewhat naive. Her relationship with Luis is fairly stable. She landed her dream job. The company has strict rules that she must abide by which doesn’t make her a happy camper.
Ryan is almost twice Tia’s age and her boss. He knew when he hired her she was going to be a handful and was she ever.
There is a strong magnetic pull between Tia and Ryan. The cliffhanger broke my heart. Can’t wait for next installment!
” – Romaine Heart, Amazon

“Good read. I was not sure how I felt about this book while reading it, some pages I loved and others I cringed. It was well written, a bit different style than what I have been reading so it took a few pages to get into it. It is a slow burn, but once it got going it was steamy.” – K.M., Amazon

“Couldn’t put it down! I sat down to read this book while I drank my morning coffee. I figured it would just be another quick and easy read, just something to fill my quiet morning. I soon realized that that assumption was completely wrong. I was hooked by Tia and Ryan from their very first interaction. She is strong willed yet a little naive. Ryan is all man but stuck in a rut in his life. I found myself loving them together but hating how they went about it. Now I am waiting to see what happens as Miss Nina left us at a terrible cliffhanger. I am excited to see where she leads these two characters.” – Jessica, Amazon

Thank you for telling us about your book, Nina! I know I can’t wait to read this sexy romantic comedy!

Readers, don’t forget to pick up a copy of this awesome novel! 🙂 Or you can add it to Goodreads!

Author Bio

I’m 30 and I’m from Italy.
I started to write when I was 12. Two years after I read my first book: a novel from one of my fav authors, Sidney Sheldon, The Best Laid Plans.
From that moment, I fell in love with books and was never be able to leave them.
My first novel, Private Relations, was started in 2014, and I published it in Italy, in Feb 2018.
My second novel, Awakening, it’s from November 2019.
I’m a little slow when I have to write, but it’s because I want to publish the book just when I’m 1000% sure that it’s a good story that a reader can really enjoy. Since I’m my first reader, if I don’t enjoy one of my books completely, I prefer to wait in publishing it.

Author Links:
Amazon Author Page:




Thanks again, Nina! We hope to see you back on ILRB sometime. 

Happy reading, everyone!🙂

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