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Book Feature with Q&A: Home to Him by author Kendra Roberts

I am pleased to announce a great book by Kendra Roberts, an author I met during my journey! This talented writer is stopping by to tell us about her contemporary romance, Home to Him, which released back in March!

Woo hoo! It’s always fun to discover romance authors and books. 😀

Kendra is allowing us a look at a modern second chance romance, Home to Him, today.

Nice cover!

This is the blurb for Home to Him:

Emma and Gavin were in love. A drunk driver tore their world apart.
Can a chance meeting put it back together?

Emma had known Gavin her whole life. Falling in love with him—and getting engaged—felt natural. Weeks before the wedding, a drunk driver ripped their best friend Elizabeth from their lives. Unable to cope, Emma fled their hometown and took a job halfway around the world.

Five years later, they reconnect at a wedding in the tiny town of Stetson, Wyoming. When she sees Gavin again, Emma is wracked with guilt. Can time truly heal all wounds?

Will Emma and Gavin get a second chance at love?

Book Info:

Author: Kendra Roberts

Release Date: March 16, 2020

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Second Chances, Short Story

And here is an excerpt to tease you with...

Gavin stopped at the coffee shop, buying his normal black drip coffee and a newspaper he now had furled under his arm. He still loved the feel of the traditional newspaper, though he could get the same information online. Something about paper and the feel of that brought him back to simpler times.

As he crossed into his office, Alice, his receptionist greeted him.

“Morning, Mr. Hemming,” Alice said in her normally cheerful way.

“Morning. Any messages?”

She shook her head to the negative.

“Great, I think we are set with my four appointments for the day, and I need to be out by 4:30 p.m. today for my haircut so if you ensure no one makes it past you after, say, 4 p.m.”

He had to issue the warning as many in the community had a habit of walking in for his advice without appointments. Normally, that wasn’t a problem but when he did have appointments to keep, he liked to prewarn her.

“Will do. And your mother is in your office,” she whispered.

“Thank you,” he whispered back.

He tried to recall if there was some reason he knew of for his mom to stop by this early. Probably wedding issues as his younger brother, Jackson, was due to wed in a couple of weeks now. It was going to be the best event, he thought, and tried to block the visions of another wedding that had been billed as the wedding of the century. Five years had been long enough to get him past the history, and yet he found that some wounds fester but never truly heal.

He missed Elizabeth every day but still savored memories of their sweet antics and times together. Her death had brought him and the community to its knees for a season. Over the years though, he had found a way to exist with those memories in tow. The wedding, though, made him think of Emma, the love of his life, and that was not a role anyone else had ever come close to filling since she had left. He didn’t blame her for leaving after Elizabeth’s tragic passing, it had been a brutal time for everyone. Additionally, having witnessed it up close, Emma struggled the most for a long time. He had been fortunate enough to be knocked out cold by the accident, and so the effects on him were different. Five years on he wondered how Emma dealt with it now and hoped wherever she landed she was thriving. He would never want what happened here in Stetson to define her life, as she had so many dreams and aspirations. He prayed she had found peace and chased her goals in a big way. No one ever talked to him about her. It was the wall of silence everyone had adopted, probably in an attempt to allow him a semblance of peace himself. All it did, though, was to feed his doubt and interest in how she was, but that was not something that was going to be solved anytime soon.

“Mom,” he said as he saw the back of her head, seated in an upholstered chair facing his desk.

He bent to place a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“Hey, sweetie,” she said, but her face was drawn and worried.

She had been helping plan the wedding for close to a year, and every new detail caused her alarm. She was certain something critical was going to be missed. Napkins, seat coverings, bands, food, cake, and the list went on and on. In Gavin’s opinion, if you had a priest and the one you loved, mission accomplished. Not the case with his mother and her desire for a spectacular wedding for so many friends and family to help celebrate his brother’s wedded bliss.

“What’s up?” he asked, lowering himself into the matching chair next to her, casually.

“We are two weeks out from the big day,” she said, biting her bottom lip nervously. Gavin couldn’t remember the last time he had seen that gesture. It normally came out when she had bad news or something odious to tell him, Jackson, or their dad. Normally, she was the even-keeled sunshine in their world.

“We have 100% of the RSVP(s) back now,” she said, pulling a stack of them out of her purse. “I picked the rest up at the post office this morning.”

“Mom, the post office isn’t open yet today,” he said with a tiny teasing voice.

“I know, but Betty was there and helped me out,” she said with a tiny bashful smile, knowing full and well she was getting a little carried away with her wedding responsibilities.

“So, what will it be, 200 or 300 people,” he teased.

“325,” she said sheepishly. “Let’s not tell your father until the very end. We agreed to pay for everything as a favor to Aja’s family, and besides, we can,” she shrugged.

“I know and I’m certain they appreciate it, but I know you. Something is bugging you, so what can I do to put your mind at ease?”

“You know I love you,” she whispered. “So, I did a terrible thing.”

He felt the words to his toes as she handed over an RSVP. He glanced down, confused, but took it anyway, continuing to try and read her face. She looked on the verge of tears.

“Mom, this is an attendee RSVP, what is the problem?”

“Turn it over.”

He did and nearly dropped the piece of paper. There it was in well-defined block letters: Emma Thomas, and a Chicago address.

For a moment, his throat closed, and he couldn’t speak.

“She’s back in the states,” his mother said tentatively, “I guess she transferred to the Chicago office. And more importantly, she’s coming home for the wedding.”

He just stared at the envelope, trying to force his brain to react, but the shock immobilized him. He had no idea how he was supposed to act, but his best man duties for the wedding just became the least important detail of this critical event.

She was coming home! His brain screamed as his heart throbbed painfully.

Wow, so intense. This sounds like quite a read!

Purchase Link:

Universal Reader link:


This is a heartwarming but very emotional story. I love that Emma finds it within herself to come home and make peace with her past, including Gavin. When she goes back home and he needs her, she realizes what’s really important in her life.Karen C., Amazon

“Worth reading again and again! Ms. Roberts is a new author to me and has just recently started publishing her books. She is a wonderful writer that brings all your emotions to the surface in this book. The main characters, Emma and Gavin, have some unsettled feelings that need to be addressed after a five year separation. I really enjoyed reading this short story and highly recommend it.” – BT, Amazon

Leaving your hometown to live on your own, whether for college, job training, or adventure is exciting and daunting at the same time. Leaving because of tragedy in your life would make it even more challenging. Life, however, continues to move forward, and whether we are ready to accept the maturing process or not, we usually do begin moving forward. Emma found her courage to return to her home, reacquaint herself with her past and begin to live for her present.
I really do love a happy ever after.
J. Morgan, Amazon

This is a quick read about Emma and Gavin, after Emma returns to town. She left five years ago, after their best friend was killed in an accident. Will they be able to become friends again or will she leave again? Grab your copy and see what happens.Penny L, Amazon

Kendra Roberts has written a 5-star book about friends reconnecting after being apart for 5 years. Can Emma and Gavin get past the hurt of Elizabeth and get back together?
This was a wonderful read and I would recommend it to anyone.
Angela Barnes, Amazon

Book one in the Love Reunion series a well written story with a very good storyline, the story flowed smoothly across the pages. Emma and Gavin lost touch with each other five years ago when they lived through an accident that killed their best friend. A wedding invitation has found Emma in Japan and it has her going back to Stetson,Wyoming. Emma and Gavin meet at his brother’s wedding. I enjoyed seeing them get their happy ending. This is a new Author to me, I will be looking for more in this series.Barbara A. Watts, Amazon

OMG! Love all the tension coming from book one in this series. ♥♥♥ 😉

(Rapid knock on the studio door.)

(Marie frowns.) Who could that be? I’m not expecting a package or anything.

(Footsteps approaching.)

Oh, my! Wow, I didn’t know you were coming…

This is even better, readers. We have the author, Kendra Roberts, who just dropped in for a quick visit. Let’s give her a warm welcome! 😀

It’s great to have you here, Kendra. Please come and sit down for a sec.

Author Kendra Roberts:  Hi, Marie! Thanks for letting me stop by.

Marie:  Of course, it’s my pleasure! So nice to meet you, by the way! (Starts to shake hands with her guest, then laughs.)

Oops, that was out of habit. Almost forgot about social distancing. Bad Marie! 😮

Marie:  Just kidding!

Damn, I left my hazmat suit at the cleaner’s and it’s not done yet…

All right, I’m just over here. Really, I don’t think you have cooties or anything. 😀

Kendra:  (Smiles.) Great to meet you too.

Marie:  Well, I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a few questions while you’re here?

Kendra:  Sure, I’d love that! 🙂

Marie:  Awesome!

So, can you tell us a little about your background? When did your first book come out and where can we get it?

Kendra:  I started writing since the very beginning. Although just took it seriously recently, due to a great push from my closest friends. This book came out on March 17th on Amazon.

Marie:  That’s great!

A lot of readers love origin stories. What inspired you to start writing?

Kendra:  What inspired me was being able to offer good content to other readers just like me. Besides that, writing has always been a passion for me.

Marie:  Nice! I think it’s always fascinating to see where the muse takes us as writers… 😉

How did you get into writing romance?

Kendra:  Out of nowhere, I just picked some stories I wrote some years ago and edited the story.

Marie:  Cool! That’s how it has happened with some of my books too.

(Phone rings.) 


Oh, no, it looks like our guest had to take a personal call outside. I guess I’ll have to chat with her via email when I get a chance. A safer option for sure, at least in these uncertain times! 😕

But in the meantime, let’s have a glimpse of book two in the series, Defending Love

Kendra:  Oh no, I missed it. 😦 Sorry to run off like that.

Marie: It’s okay. I was just wrapping up things here. We’re getting short on time…

Kendra:  In that case, I’ll leave you with a brief message.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog. I hope you enjoy Home to Him, book one in the Love Reunion Series!

Marie: It’s my pleasure, and I’m sure we will.

Thank you for telling us about your second chance romance, Kendra! I know I can’t wait to read this intriguing story! 😀

Readers, don’t forget to grab a copy of this awesome book, or add it to your Goodreads or BookBub list!

Home to Him looks great! ♥ We’ll be sure to check it out! Grab both books in the series right now for 99 cents each!

Author Bio

Kendra Roberts is a Short Romance author. She has been writing since 2008, but only started publishing last year. All started out as a hobby, but her friends loved her writing and motivated her to start taking it seriously. She believes her romances will hit the top someday.

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Thank you for telling us about your great book! I know readers can’t wait to get ahold of this modern second chance romance!

We hope to see you back on ILRB sometime. 

Happy reading, everyone!  ♥♥♥ Have a lovely week! 😀

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