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Exclusive Interview with author Geri’ Myers Goodwin, plus a look at rockstar romance, MASON’S GRAY!

Hi, readers! I am beyond pleased to announce a very special post today on ILRB. We’re doing something a little different. This is our twenty-sixth official author interview on this romance blog! I know in the past, we did character interviews then switched over to the author’s take on it, but this approach is a bit unusual.

We have a real treat for you, readers. Today we get to speak one-on-one with a talented author. Please join me in welcoming Geri’ Myers Goodwin to ILRB! 😀 Nice to video chat with you…

Marie Lavender:  Hello, Geri’.

Author Geri’ Myers Goodwin:  Hi, Marie!

Marie:  Hey, such a pleasure to have you on the blog!

I’m going to throw in some standard questions first.

Obviously, we know your occupation as an author, but some writers have other jobs as well. Do you have another occupation? Do you believe you’re any good at it? Do you like what you do?

I know I’m overloading you with questions, but we’re really interested in finding out more about you…

Geri’:  I refer to myself as a romance novelist. I feel proud that I have an ability to describe details such as scenery, emotions and intimacy. I have the drive and desire to keep writing. Whether I am good at it or not depends on how the readers feel and what they take away from it. I love the chemistry and passionate connection between people; therefore, I love writing about it.

Marie:  I know what you mean! 😉

So, tell us…what is your family like?

Geri’:  My family is loving, supportive and a ton of fun to be around. We all love to laugh and the room can get pretty loud when we get together. That is part of the fun. Smiling is one of the best feel-good emotions and there is plenty of it in my family.

Marie:  Nice!

Let’s try something else, okay?

If it doesn’t bother you at all, can you let us know what your childhood home looked like?

Geri’:  My parents really loved Native American decor. There were rugs, Kachina Dolls, and nice paintings throughout the house. My grandfather was a collector, so we also had a lot of random things. Purple dishes, old bottles and telephones. My favorite item in our home was a beautiful black baby grand piano.

Marie:  Cool!

Do you have any hobbies, Geri’? What do you enjoy doing?

Geri’:  I love to eat, cook and travel. Music is a huge part of my life. I am the person who will get the dance floor started. My husband and I like to play cribbage together. We are fond of craft beer and wine. Seeking out breweries and wineries is a fun activity for us.

Marie:  Intriguing!

So, what is your greatest dream?

Geri’:  Professionally, it would be to earn and establish a following of people who enjoy reading my books so that I can keep writing more. The ultimate dream is for all of my books to turn to film.

Marie:  Oh, yes, that would be nice! 😀

Let’s try another question.

What kind of person do you wish you could be? What is stopping you?

Geri’:  I wish I had more back bone. I allowed people to walk on me for a long time. Standing up for myself is difficult and conflict is uncomfortable for me.

Biting my tongue has always been easier. Overall, I am the person I want to be.

Marie:  Okay.

So…we’re curious, since you write romance. Who was your first love?

Geri’:  Wow. That was such a long time ago. I remember it distinctively. I feel that I should be discreet on throwing out a name, but I was fourteen years old and he was sixteen. My parents loved him and so did I. It didn’t last long because we were too young, and we didn’t share the same level of desire for one another. I suffered a broken heart. Life goes on.

Marie: Okay.

With the next question, I hope I’m not prying too much.

What’s the most terrible thing that ever happened to you?

Geri’:  My father died when I was seventeen from lung cancer. Prior to that, he had been very sick with MS. My mother passed away the summer of 2018 from extreme COPD. In both cases, I watched them suffer for a long time before they passed. I didn’t want them to die, but I didn’t want them to suffer, either.

Marie:  Oh, no, I’m so sorry! 😥 😮 How heartbreaking! You’ve been through a lot…

Let’s move on to another topic, shall we?

[Geri’ nods.]

What was your dream growing up? Did you achieve that dream? If so, in what ways was it not what you expected? If you never achieved the dream, why not?

Geri’:  I wanted to be a singer and musician. Music is my passion and I really believed that performing would be a part of my future. Singing, dancing, acting and playing musical instruments were what I lived for. Due to my father’s illness, we moved to a different city with a cooler climate. It was devastating for me to leave my friends and activities.

I did not achieve my dream because I let it all go. I gave up. I was distracted with trying to fit in at a new school and then I became a bit boy crazy. The biggest regret of my life was giving up on my talents and throwing it all away. There will always be a sadness inside me because of that.

Marie:  Ouch! I entertained being a singer at one point too.

Now, who is your role model, Geri’?

Geri’:  My husband, JC. He is hardworking, incredibly intelligent and a forward thinker. When he sets his sights on a goal, he makes it happen. He is confident, talented in many arenas, and has a good heart.

Marie:  Aww…nice! ♥♥♥ That’s wonderful!


(Sighs.) I love romance.

Let’s try another tactic.

Is there someone you pretend to like but really dislike?

Geri’:  Interesting question. There is a difference between pretending and being polite. There will be times when we are in a room with someone we are not fond of. I feel like a better human being if I practice kindness as a general rule. The outcome is much more pleasant.

Marie:  That’s great advice! How admirable.

So, what is your deepest desire?

Geri’:  I would love for my husband to be able to retire. He has done everything for me and my children. I hope that one day my writing will turn profitable so that he can have less stress and responsibility.

Marie:  Aww…how sweet. I guess I can’t blame you there! He sounds fantastic as a person.

Let’s go for a different approach now.

Just curious here, but what is your greatest fear?

Geri’:  Losing my loved ones.

Marie:  (Nods.) Sure, I think a lot of us fear that. Believe me, you’re not alone.

So, let’s switch gears for a second.

If you were trapped on a deserted island, what five essentials would you need with you? They don’t have to be practical.


  1. A toothbrush
  2. Music
  3. sparkling wine
  4. knife
  5. a lot of matches

Marie:  (Chuckles.) Hmm…I’d hope you wouldn’t want to be there alone! ♥

But, yes, music would be necessary. Otherwise, I’d have to sing to myself, and that would surely get old. 😉

Okay, readers, let’s get the author’s perspective on one of her characters.

We’ve heard rumors about the hero of your story – Brody Mason. Quite an interesting character. Can you tell us a little about him?

Geri’:  Brody Mason is successful. He is a work-a-holic, which can make him a bit too serious and stuffy at times. Brody’s physical presence is alluring to the ladies with his dark hair, penetrating green eyes, and a style that screams sex and rock n roll.  He is career-driven and successful, with a business sense that keeps him at the top of his game.  His lifestyle has proven to be unconducive to relationships, leaving him to believe that opening the door to love is selfish and unrealistic.

Marie:  Interesting...

And what are Brody’s greatest strengths?

Geri’:  Brody is a savvy businessman. He sets his sights on what he wants and makes it happen.

Marie:  Any weaknesses of which we should be aware?

Geri’:  He does not allow himself to be open to love. It is a closed door for him.

Marie:  (Nods.) It is hard to let yourself be vulnerable enough to fall for someone… :/

Let’s try something fun, shall we?

What are Brody’s favorite foods?

Geri’:  Just Whiskey.

Marie:  Hmm…

How about another question?

What’s a positive quality that your character is unaware that he or she has?

Geri’:  Brody is a leader because he is driven and likes to be in control, but he doesn’t realize how much his son and band members look up to him.

Frankie Cordoba, Unsplash

Marie:  All right.

So, will readers like or dislike this character, and why?

Geri’:  A little of both. He is sexy as hell, but his actions are not always the most desirable. He is stuck in a certain mindset that will drive a reader crazy. Alluring crazy.

Marie:  (Laughs.) Thanks for the warning!

Now that we have a real taste of Brody, we have a few questions for you as well as the author, about the writing process of your book.

What first gave you the idea for Mason’s Gray?

Geri’:  I had several similar dreams in a short window of time about having a sexual liaison with a certain rock icon. I decided to write down a few details as a possible idea for a romance novel. Possibility turned into reality.

Marie:  Ooh…how spicy! 😈

It’s fascinating how the muse works, hmm? 🙂


So, let’s try something else.

What is your writing style like, Geri’? Are you a pantster or a plotter?

Geri’:  I am more of a plotter because I try very hard to make the story as realistic as possible. I really can’t move forward until I know that the story will make sense. Timelines have to be accurate, locations, et cetera. Yep, I am a plotter.

Marie:  All right, I can’t blame you for feeling that way. But even with the opposite approach, it all gets worked out in the end. 😉

So, I’m throwing this one in for our aspiring writers. Did you come across any specific challenges in writing Mason’s Gray or publishing it? What would you do differently the next time?

Geri’:  Writing Mason’s Gray was mentally challenging and required a lot of discipline to set aside a block of time to work on it. However, the writing was the easy part compared to other circumstances on my plate. The editing went quickly and efficiently. But, when it came to book cover design, it was frustrating. The communication wasn’t there. Next time, I will have my own book cover design ready to go and will be open to possible changes if need be. I wish I would’ve had a better knowledge of self-publishing, marketing and promoting.

I also had personal challenges. Towards the end of writing Mason’s Gray, my mother became very ill. She was in and out of hospitals and rehab facilities. She passed away four months before publication. She was so excited and proud that I was writing a romance novel. It was devastating to have lost her and heartbreaking that she never got to read my novel.

Marie:  Oh, gosh…again, I’m so sorry for your loss! 😥 That’s incredibly tough to go through, but even worse if it happens before a big life event.

I lost my grandmother before she saw me graduate from college or publish a book. All I can do is hope she knows, and is content wherever she landed.

Well, it was a total pleasure having you on the I Love Romance Blog! And how apropos is that, considering what a great story Mason’s Gray appears to be… ♥

Readers, let’s learn more about this book.

Title: Mason’s Gray

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Rock Fiction

Publication date: November 20, 2018

We wish you so much success with your book! 😀

Here is the blurb:

Impossible to resist…

Rock Icon, Brody Mason, steers clear from commitment at all costs. When an unforeseen accident draws him to the new neighbor, Morgan Gray, he finds her impossible to resist. His stubborn attitude and playboy ways will not be enough to keep the barriers from faltering.

Two strangers, two completely different lives meld together. Fate or coincidence? Either way, love found them when they weren’t looking for it.

Geri’ is giving us a peek at the story…

Intriguing! ♥♥♥ I can’t wait to find out what happens next. 😀

Purchase Links:

Universal Reader link:

Add it to Goodreads:


What are people saying about Mason’s Gray?



“This was such a fun read! I curled up on my couch on a cold day with a cup of coffee, and didn’t get up til’ I finished it.” — Veronica M, Amazon

“With memorable characters, a dynamic and surprising plot, and just the right amount of love and rock and roll, this book is a page turner … I can’t recommend [it] enough!” — C. Myers, Amazon

“Great story line and great characters that you can relate with. Really enjoyed reading this!” — Bettina Szovics, Amazon

“I loved this book. It was tasteful with just the right amount of naughtiness. 😉 Couldn’t put it down. One of those stories you just don’t want to end.” — Bethany, Amazon

“I read it over two sessions in the tub with a glass of scotch. I loved it. The narrative was vividly descriptive, the main character was strong and sexy but real and relatable, and the story line was a perfect guilty pleasure read with an unexpected twist.” — Josh, Amazon

Looks fantastic! 😉

We’ll be sure to get a copy of this rockstar romance! ♥♥♥

About Geri’ Myers Goodwin

Geri is a local Arizona business owner for over 10 years. When empty nest syndrome approached, Geri pushed herself out of her comfort zone and believed that she could follow her dreams no matter her age.
Although Geri’ Myers Goodwin is the mother of three children and two step-children, she’s anything but your prototypical mom. As illustrated in her new romance novel Mason’s Gray, Geri’ knows how to spice things up. A love for reading romance novels passed down from her mother sparked her love of writing. Mason’s Gray, has just been released and it is your perfect mixture of saucy, sexy, and relatable.


And, if you want to know how to connect with the fascinating Geri’ Myers Goodwin, here are some author links…


Once again, I want to thank Geri’ Myers Goodwin, the brilliant author of this rockstar romance novella, for stopping by! It was a pleasure to have you here! Readers, check out her work! ♥

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