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To Your Health and Happiness in 2021 – with a Small Look Back at 2020

To Your Health and Happiness in 2021 and A Small Look Back at 2020 (Annual Post)

Hi, readers! I hope you’re taking a moment to have a good New Year’s celebration! Any kind, really, as we all deserve to start looking ahead to more positive news.

It’s been a crazy year, right? Confronted with riots all over the plate, we also had political upheaval…and then came Covid-19 to knock us on all our butts!

My heart goes out to you if you lost people due to this terrible pandemic. 😥 But we also can’t forget those who showed up every day and did their best to help out, despite the enormous risks to their own health and emotional well-being. Such heroes!

To honor our frontline workers who’ve battled the Coronavirus this year, I decided to take a moment and list some of the top bestselling medical romances which I found on Amazon. After that, I’ll give you an overview of all the I Love Romance Blog posts from 2020, divided by respective category. Just in case you missed any of them! Sound good? 😉

Without further ado, let’s check out some romance books with a medical theme…

Daddy’s Precious Patient

A Very Lucky Christmas: A laugh-out-loud romance to lift your festive spirits

Nurse’s Date with a Billionaire: A clean billionaire romance

Holding Tess

An Alaskan Christmas

The Child Who Changed Them

The Amish Midwife’s Secret

Daddy’s Doctor Friend

Paradise Cove

Christmas at Saltwater Cove

Trapped in Time: A Historical Time Travel Romance

Her Motherhood Wish

Never Date a Doctor: A Workplace Romance

Philomena’s Miracle

Cinderella and the Surgeon

Not Quite Forever

Royal Doc’s Secret Heir

The Edge of Never

Under a Siena Sun

How Much I Feel

500 Miles from You

Delicious: A Brother’s Best Friend Romantic Comedy


A Soldier’s Return

Turning Point

The GP’s Secret Baby Wish

Risking Her Heart on the Trauma Doc

The Midwife’s Secret Child

Her Place in Time: A Time Travel Romance

Harlequin Medical Romance November 2020 – Box Set 1 of 2

Emergence (medical romance/thriller)

Heart and Soul

What Makes a Father

Their Hot Hawaiian Fling

Baby Bombshell for the Doctor Prince

Pacific Paradise, Second Chance

Unexpected Arrivals

Heart Surgeon’s Second Chance

His Blind Date Bride

The Nurse’s Reunion Wish

The Army Doc’s Secret Princess

Healed by His Secret Baby

Fooling Around

Reclaiming Her Army Doc Husband

Then There Was You

Stalked by the Rogue Wolf (Paranormal Medical Romance)

All of Me: Starlight Hill medical romance/rom com

Back to Lakewood Med

Code of Conduct: A Lesbian Medical Romance

The Doctor’s Orders (multicultural/MM medical romance)

My Forbidden Doctor: A Secret Baby Medical Romance

Wow, they all look great!

Oh, I almost forgot! Let’s throw in a New Year’s themed book here as well. Hey, why not? 😀

New Year’s Steve: A Holiday Romantic Comedy


In the game of Online Dating, names can be deceiving…

CEO Harrison Steven McGinnis is incognito. Better to use a fake name while online dating when money, connections, and his famous company are on the line.

To save himself from the gold diggers of the world, he hides his face and changes his name to Steve, and still manages to make an amazing connection with a woman named Felicity.

New Year? New boyfriend?
Accountant Felicity Thompson is working late. Committed to meeting her year-end goal, she isn’t leaving her desk until the job is done. Her reward? A date with Steve.

If only the light above her desk would stop flashing, and the run-in with the mega-hot maintenance man would stop making her squirm in her desk chair.

Suddenly, work is taking longer to finish and her date with Steve? Doesn’t feel so exciting. Not when she can’t get her mind off of Harry.

Can her New Year’s Eve be saved?

And who will be waiting for her when the ball drops at midnight?

Universal Amazon Reader Link:

Awesome! Let’s also see what happened on ILRB this year.

Listed below are the links to all our posts from 2020.

Character/Author Interviews

New Release/Book Features

Blog Tours Featured

Personal Book News/Reviews


Guest Posts/Helpful Romantic Articles

General Romance Writing/Publishing Articles

Poetry Posts

I bet you’re wondering where the book reviews went, huh? Well…due to unforeseen circumstances with my health, serious family emergencies, and the very lack of writing time in my life, I’ve decided to put a halt to the official ILRB book reviews. I may still post my own, whenever I read a book from the former list. But for now, I will no longer take on any new requests. However, here is one which I wrote early in the year…

Well, I hope we’ve given readers some new novels to discover, as well as fascinating romantic posts to glance over. We had 49 blog posts throughout the year, with well over 150 featured guests and book titles covered. That’s fantastic! 🙂

Many thanks to all the participating authors and guest content writers! ♥♥♥ You’ve helped expand ILRB into what it is today.

On a final note, I’d like to extend an invitation to both writers and readers to contribute to our guest book reviews, if you feel so inclined. See our blog policy for more information. So…if you’d like to do a shout out with a brief commentary on a book you loved, please email me and we’ll discuss the details of the guest review (for example, I can provide a copy of a romance book). Use the subject heading ‘Interested in Writing A Guest Book Review on ILRB’.

There’s no need to be shy at all! I can just put your first name on the post, if you prefer. These guest book reviews will be published on the blog in a first come, first served fashion, and only as I have extra time. I often do unscheduled posts on Wednesdays, just so you know. Additionally, as a thank you for your contribution, I’ll add the book title to ‘Our Fave Reads’ page on ILRB for more exposure to romance readers.

In February, I will be making some mega changes to the blog policy, and for this romance blog in general. So, stay tuned!

I wish you a wonderful, successful new year in 2021, and that it leaves you healthy and content! Stay safe, too!

Anyway, happy reading, as always, and Happy New Year, everyone! 

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