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Blog Tour Feature: Just for A Moment by Kate Carley

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Ruthless words leave her questioning whether staying in Oak Bend and putting her heart on the line is worth the pain. Can this small town ever be home again?

I am pleased to announce a cool book blog tour going on right now, presented by Kate Carley, an author I met during my journey! Congratulations on your contemporary romance!

When a new book comes out, it is always an exciting time for authors!

Plus, here at the I Love Romance Blog, we love discovering romance novels!

Let’s hear a little about this great book…


This is the blurb for Just for A Moment:

Returning home stirs up all of the old memories and heartache Grace Holland would rather forget, but now that she’s back, she finally has a chance to put her demons to rest. Sparks fly when Aarron Beckett agrees to work on her granddad’s old plane. Fall for this hard-working hottie in Just For A Moment by Kate Carley, a Return to Hometown Romance, the next book in the Blue Collar Romance Series.

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From author Kate Carley comes a blue collar, return to hometown romance with heat, heart and a happily ever after.

For Grace Holland, coming home to Oak Bend isn’t easy. The journey stirs up old memories, including the heartbreaking reason her family left town. But now that she’s inherited both her granddad’s old Victorian home and a World War II aircraft that he’d been working desperately to restore, Grace is ready to face down the demons of her past—if the people in Oak Bend will let her.

Aaron Beckett’s life is a balancing act. His aircraft mechanic business is booming and being a single parent of a young daughter keeps him on his toes. But when Gracie Jane Holland, granddaughter of his late friend, steps into his aircraft hangar, Aaron’s well-managed life soars out of control, and every free thought begins and ends with that beautiful blonde.

Even with plenty of excuses to avoid each other, sparks fly while they work together to restore an old fighter plane. And just for a moment, it feels as if they’ve found a deeper, more sustainable connection—until well-meaning half-truths threaten to tear them apart.

When her past and present collide, nothing can prepare Grace for the storm of hatred that pours down on her. Ruthless words leave her questioning whether staying in Oak Bend and putting her heart on the line is worth the pain. Can this small town ever be home again?

Escape to Oak Bend, where blue-collar hotties work hard and love even harder, especially when it comes to landing their happily ever after.

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Kate is giving us a peek at her modern romance, Just for A Moment, today.

Great cover!

Book Info:

Author: Kate Carley

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: September 24, 2021

Here is an excerpt.

“Beck, I’ve heard so many great things about you. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“People been talking?” Beck chuckled again, but he was studying her face, assessing her with those stunning eyes.

“My grandfather, Win Ross. I’m Grace Holland, and he left instructions that I should reach out to you. That you would have something for me.”

Beck tilted his head a bit to the left, a tender expression passing over his face. “Gracie Jane. I figured you’d be stopping by here at some point. I was sorry to hear about Win’s passing. Everyone in town loved him. And I felt blessed to call him my friend. God, I miss him every day.”

“Thanks for saying that, Beck. I miss him, too. And it’s just Grace now. I think my granddad was the only one still calling me Gracie Jane.”

“He did.” Beck nodded. “He talked about his granddaughter all the time. He was so proud of you and how you started that company of your own.”

As he spoke about her granddad, Beck’s eyes softened and his voice warmed. Talking about the most important man in her life with someone she’d just met felt bittersweet. But according to her granddad, Beck was one of his dearest friends.

“I remember how proud he was when I told him about my new business venture.”

“A website design business. What’s it called again?”

“Holland Designs.”

“Right.” He bobbed his head. “Win said you had more work than you could do in a lifetime.”

“That sounds about right.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t make it to the memorial. I searched for information but never found anything.”

Grace bit her lower lip and then shook her head. The memorial had been a point of contention between her and her mother. “There wasn’t one.”

“Yeah, he always said he didn’t want anything like that, but I wondered if his family would have one anyway.”

“No. My mom and I…We just wanted to do exactly what he wanted.” Grace’s mother had an entirely different interpretation of what Edwin Ross had wanted. “And his wish was to not have people standing around, staring at him.”

Beck chuckled softly. “I remember Win saying that.”

Several unpleasant tasks still remained to be accomplished today, and they dampened the joy Grace generally experienced reminiscing about her granddad. “My granddad left something here for me. Do you have that?”

“Right.” Beck pointed toward the corner of the enormous hangar. “It’s in my office.”

With quickened steps, Grace kept pace beside Beck. “This place wasn’t here before. I mean, when I used to live here, there was the airstrip, but there weren’t many hangars. Maybe two or three.”

“It’s become a thing. Owning a plane. Faster than the ferry if you’re crossing Lake Michigan. Lots of people around the county can afford it. And none of the other towns in the area have an airstrip.”

Stopping at the door to his office, Grace watched while Aaron walked to his desk and lifted a heavy-looking silver paperweight shaped like an airplane. He plucked a key from underneath and went to a tall wooden cabinet in the corner. With a twist of his wrist, he unlocked the door. From her position outside his office, she could see the small black safe. He entered a code, and the door swung opened. Shifting the contents around, he produced a manilla envelope. Then, Beck reversed his steps until he was standing in front of her again, presenting her with the envelope.

The strained expression on his face was exactly how Grace’s heart felt in the moment. A deep ache—one of loneliness and sorrow—created by the loss of a precious soul. Slowly, she reached for the envelope.

“Thank you, Beck. Thank you for keeping my granddad’s wishes safe for him. For me.”

“Yeah, no problem.” Beck pinched his lips together and glanced around before meeting her eyes again. “So, are you ready for your tour?”

“Tour? Now? No.” Grace shook her head, fighting a choking feeling at the back of her throat. A tour—wasting time, wandering around—wasn’t part of her plans for today. Not even for a few minutes. “No. I don’t need a tour. But thanks for this.” She lifted the envelope to indicate she had all she needed at the moment.

Again, he tilted his head the slightest bit to the left and then gave a gruff grunt.

“Suit yourself,” he said. Like a switch had been flipped, his tone turned dark and sarcastic, and Grace had no idea why. “See ya around, Gracie Jane.”


“This was a clever story – one whose storyline I had not come across before. Aaron (H) owns Aaron’s Aeronautics. Grace’s (h) grandfather, Win, kept several planes there. Win has passed away and Grace must figure out what to do with her grandfather’s beloved antique planes. Like many of you, I have read sports romance stories, business/boss romance stories, the best friend romance stories, etc., but I have never read one about old planes. Carley either knows a lot about the subject or she did some terrific research. The details that she used painted an easy picture of the inside of a plane and the mechanics used to fly them. That is no east feat! Another first for me, was the reason why Grace was afraid to come back to Oak Bend. No spoiler alert here, but I really appreciated the way Carley was able to create something new – a new kind of angst – one that she wrote beautifully. We all know mean people – people that can not, nor will not let go of the past. I could clearly see the way these people looked and acted by the way Carley wrote her characters.
Each of the ‘Blue Collar Romance’ books can be read as a stand alone. It was fun to have a few of the characters from another of the books (A Place to Belong) pop up in a quick cameo. These books are fun with real people (no billionaires!) and relatable situations. I would definitely recommend Just for a Moment and look forward to the next installment of the ‘Blue Collar Romance’ series.” –Suganna’s review (Amazon)

“Gotta love a blue collar guy & the woman he falls for!!! This Blue Collar Romance series gets better and better with each book. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good story about a billionaire, or the playboy with daddies’ money. But good stories about everyday heroes and the women they fall for are quickly becoming my kryptonite.

Grace Holland never expected to be back in Oak Bend but here she is, moving into the house that her grandfather left for her, starting fresh back in the town where she lost her sister. On top of inheriting all his possessions, she has also inherited three planes that he has been working on for years. Along with those planes comes Aaron, her grandfather’s friend and airplane mechanic who has been helping him restore the planes. Grace was not ready for all the feelings that came with their first meeting and with each meet those feelings become more intense. This was such a beautiful story about finding the home you never knew you were looking for even in the face of grief. Grace & Aaron were just the sweetest and I found that I didn’t even mind the instalove because of how smooth the story flowed.” –Jessi C’s review (Amazon)

“Emotional one for me but LOVED IT!! My goodness, I am a bit of an emotional mess after that ending!!! While this point of view is not my favorite to read, I still loved this one so much!

I don’t really want to reflect on each character because they are just mind blowing and extremely intoxicating to witness, the entire story itself was incredible. The pain and sadness that just oozed from everyone about all the circumstances was just crazy to witness. I felt the choked up moments thinking about a loved one, the moments where passion took control of the situation and where anger and sadness just consumed you to scream at another person. So many REAL emotions and REAL moments that have happened for me personally and could happen.

This book is apart of a series that I love but alone, it is one of the most epic books I’ve read. Real life problems that most don’t talk about because it’s not polite; this book needs to be read by everyone. Don’t put your life on hold, live every moment with hope! So good!! Thank you for letting me read this book!!” –Amy M.’s review (Amazon)

Wow, it sounds like quite a tale! ♥♥♥

Thank you for telling us about your new book, Kate! I know I can’t wait to read this intriguing read!

Readers, don’t forget to grab a copy of this awesome book, or add it to your Goodreads list!

Just for A Moment looks fantastic! ♥ We’ll be sure to check it out!

Author Bio

Kate Carley broke onto the indie publishing scene in 2016 with her debut novel, Challenged, a 2017 RONE award winner. Since then, she has released ten additional titles that explore small town, family sagas in both the romantic suspense and contemporary romance genres.

Kate took a meandering path to get to the point of published author, including a short stint as a computer systems designer and an extraordinary journey as a home-schooling mom. After more than a dozen years of teaching her kids, Kate opened the front door, pointed the youngest in the direction of the local high school, and focused her attention on writing romance novels.

Now that her four children are off writing their own adventures, Kate is free to drift along in her fictional world, plotting the rise and fall of her characters. She has a passion for black coffee, dark chocolate, and red wine. Not necessarily in that order. Kate lives in the Midwest with her family. 

Author Links

Follow: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads | BookBub | Amazon | Website |

About The Blue Collar Romance Series

Escape to Oak Bend where blue-collar hotties work hard and love even harder.

From broody carpenters to sexy electricians, these eight standalones are packed with small town feels, heat, and heartwarming happily ever afters.

Enjoy your favorite tropes written by an amazing group of authors: Jaymee Jacobs, Alexa Rivers, Evelyn Sola, Kate Carley, Tracy Broemmer, Mila Nicks, Claire Wilder, and Moni Boyce.

Fall head over heels for swoon-worthy book boyfriends who aren’t afraid of a little hard work for that happily ever after.

Series Link

Thank you for telling us about your great book tour! I know readers can’t wait to get ahold of this contemporary romance!

Thanks again to Kate and her blog tour sponsor!

We hope to see you back on ILRB sometime. 

Happy reading, everyone!  ♥♥♥ Have a great rest of your week!

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