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Guest Book Review: Sarah’s impression of The Unwelcome Stranger by Valerie Cullers

Hi, readers! Please welcome Sarah B., our guest book reviewer, to ILRB! She’ll be hanging out with us today, taking the time to give us her take on a cool romance novel! 

Let’s give her a hand…

Sarah, take it away and show us what you have for today.


The Unwelcome Stranger by Valerie Cullers

At first when I was reading, it was a “little sad” in the first chapters. So the story is 312 A.D. after Livia, a Christian, loses her husband Stephanas. Then there’s a Roman politician Lucius Marius – when he was on his journey to Rome, an accident happens, and a few injuries occur. When he sees Livia, she resembles his late wife Diana. But she and her father-in-law are Christians and he doesn’t know that. When he sees how smoothly things run in her house, he then tries to get her to live with him, explaining he wants her to run the household, and teach the servants to work with better attitudes. But knowing that they had to pay for their expenses somehow, she accepts.

Soon after moving in, though, she notices he wants more from her, which was what she was afraid of happening. That’s all I can really explain without giving the plot away, although, I do think it was “a great read”.

The romance side of the story was “pretty good”. It was an interesting read, it kept me hooked from start to finish, “I just didn’t want to put it down” so I’m giving Valerie Cullers’ The Unwelcome Stranger 4 hearts. “I loved it” from start to finish and it’s only a short read. I think anyone would “love it”. 

Book info: Early in the Fourth Century A.D., it is a perilous time to be a Christian. Things are about to change as Constantine, the Caesar from the north, has invaded Italia and is about to march on Rome. Livia Arvum, a young grieving widow, is unaware of how these events will soon touch her life. Lucius Marius, a Senatorial Legate, is racing towards Rome with news of Constantine’s plans when he is knocked off his chariot because of the Arvum’s sheep. Recuperating in their home, he becomes infatuated with Livia and decides she is the recompense he wants for the injuries he has sustained. Will Livia have to betray her beliefs and morals in order to protect her family? Is there any way out of the situation? Will she ever find love again? Come join Livia on her journey as she leaves her home and finds God’s unexpected provision for her.

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Here’s a teaser from the book….

“She had gotten up this morning a married woman, and was now going to bed a widow.” 

Author: Valerie Cullers

Title: The Unwelcome Stranger

Genre: Historical fiction, Christian fiction, romance 

RELEASE DATE: June 11, 2019

Publisher: Lighthouse Publishing

ISBN: 978-1643732459



Guest Blogger Bio: Hi! I’m an avid reader in Australia, love to read romance or watch TV, and write. I hope to one day develop reviewing skills, and maybe “start my own blog”. You can find me on my medium, as I sometimes write articles.

Medium Profile:

Thanks for reading our latest book review on ILRB! ♥  Have a great rest of your week, everyone!


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