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Book Review: Ginny’s impression of One Night in Provence by Barbara Wallace

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The latest I Love Romance Blog review selection is One Night in Provence by Barbara Wallace. Take it away, Ginny!


From the beginning of the book, I was a little uneasy, Harlequin Romance books are what mom read when I was growing up. Did I really want to read something my mom used to read? Well, from start to finish, she wrote an intriguing and fun romance; with characters that were charming, and a plot that was pleasing, with a perfect ending.

Jenna Brown was only in Provence, France, because of one of her patients leaving her enough money to go on an adventure. She never thought that an adventure would lead to her to a completely different kind of adventure.

Then she met Phillippe D’Usay, and all that changed. He was the last of his bloodline, and never thought that he would ever meet someone he could see himself settling down with. Until he met Jenna. He had a hard time actually talking to her and admitting to liking her, because of his family wealth. He often wonders are the ladies interested in him or his money.
Philippe is different with Jenna; he is open and honest with her about a lot of stuff that he usually wouldn’t be. It takes a traumatic turn of events to make them realize just how much the really mean to each other.  

When a surprise pregnancy brings them back together, it was a great story of them not only falling in love with each other but their unborn child as well.

This was a heartwarming love story. A classic romance with a happily ever after. I definitely recommend you give this book a read if you like romance.

Book Info:

Can an unexpected affair…

…lead to a lifetime of happiness?

In this Destination Brides story, while on vacation in Provence, homebody Jenna Brown embarks on a no-strings affair with a handsome stranger. But there’s more to wealthy playboy Philippe D’Usay than meets the eye. Scarred by loss, Philippe’s committed to being alone. But after their Provençal adventure ends, and Jenna discovers she’s pregnant, they must decide if their short-term connection could become a life together forever!

Universal Reader link:

Here’s a teaser from the book…

JENNA HAD A HEADACHE. Too much sun and strong floral aroma had left a knot behind her eyes. She needed a glass of water and some pain relievers. Hopefully the word aspirin was the same in French?

Day two of her adventure wasn’t off to a very auspicious start.

She never did eat dinner. She’d fallen into a deep sleep shortly after she returned to her room and woke up before dawn, starved and eager to start her adventure. Since Philippe had sounded so enthusiastic about the excursion to Château d’Usay, she took his advice and signed up. Part of her wondered if she’d see him at the front desk when she went downstairs, but the only person she saw was a sweet girl named Nicole who grinned every time Jenna gave her name. She wondered if Philippe had found a dinner companion after they parted ways?

Immediately, she pictured a leggy French heiress and felt a prick of annoyance in her stomach. More because she was thinking about Philippe than because of the woman she imagined. It wasn’t like her to dwell on a random stranger. Philippe with his mesmerizing eyes should be no exception.

She had to give him props, though. The tour was as interesting as he’d promised. They began in the greenhouse, where she and other visitors learned about the various varieties and uses for lavender. The d’Usays, they were told, grew lavande fine, or “true” lavender rather than the more popular lavandin.

“The lavandin actually produces more oil per flower,” the guide told them. “The family has a separate property a few kilometers away, which provides the bulk of their harvest. Here at Château d’Usay, however, they continue to grow lavande fine as they always have.”

The family certainly liked to maintain its tradition, didn’t it? Jenna crouched to take a picture of the spiny purple flower up close. The deep purple blossoms reminded her of Philippe’s eyes.

After a visit to the fields, where they were given a lesson on Provençal climate and agriculture, as well as ample photo opportunities, their group made their way across a limestone pavilion to the château itself, the final stop before they visited the lavender store. It was in the fields that the knot had morphed into a full-blown headache. Making matters worse, today’s tour guide had a high-pitched voice that turned into a high-pitched squeak whenever she feigned enthusiasm. She must have chirped the phrase, “In the world!” at least a dozen times, her voice piping upward each time.

AUTHOR: Barbara Wallace

TITLE: One Night in Provence

GENRE: Contemporary Romance, vacation romance, surprise pregnancy theme

RELEASE DATE: August 1, 2019

PUBLISHER: Harlequin Romance



REVIEWED BY: Virginia Frick

Guest Blogger/Reviewer Bio: I am a military wife, a mom, and a Gigi. All of which I would never change. I have a deep love for reading and if was given the opportunity, I truly believe I could do it all day. I decided to start reviewing books one day while I was reading some posts and thought, I can do that. So I commented on a few posts and next thing I know, I am reading some pretty amazing books. My cousin and I started a review blog ( and a bookstagram (@cuz.weread.books).

Thanks for reading our latest book review on ILRB! ♥  


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