Blog Policy

The I Love Romance Blog, or ILRB (as I love my acronyms), was built so that we could talk about the different facets of romantic relationships, and discuss romance novels. Posts can take the form of new release features or book features, cover reveals, romantic thought posts or romantic poetry, interviews (character interviews and exclusive author interviews), guests posts about romance or dating tips (contact me with your ideas!), articles on romance writing, book giveaways and other events like blog tours. As I am an author as well, I occasionally post about my own romance novels.

We always want to hear from readers! Recently we started a new feature titled ‘What Does Romance Mean to Me?’, in which we get a take from any reader of romance, regarding how reading romance novels has shaped his or her life. You do not need to be an author to write a guest post for this feature! ♥

Plus, we have another feature, titled ‘Heroes & Heroines’. With this type of guest post, authors will tell us about one of their characters from a book. It doesn’t need to be from a character’s perspective, though that’s a possibility. It could simply be a casual approach on how the character was developed, what was it about the character’s personality that kept the author up at night, what parts of their story demanded to be told…that kind of thing.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have a creative idea for a romantic post, or if you’re an author who would like one of these features for your book, at

SUBMISSIONS CALL –> Please consider submitting a short reading list to ILRB, so we can add it to ‘Our Fave Reads‘ page! We want to know your favorite romance books! ♥

PAID OPTION –> We also take sponsored posts, if your company’s budget allows it, and only if your post would fit the premise of this blog. Please reach out to me for a quote and details. I will NOT turn this blog into a forum for your inflammatory political views, so don’t even bother sending political articles, and I won’t post about unrelated products or services. If your article/product helps readers find a great romance book, or your service can assist our readers with their romantic relationships in some manner, even if you offer tips about romance writing, then I’m more than happy to work with you.

***Special Note: Yes, we now offer book reviews. I am happy to announce that I’m taking on this enterprise to bring great romance novel reviews to ILRB! Please visit our Review Policy page for more details…