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The Pros and Cons of Including a Prologue or Epilogue in a Romance Novel

If you're a writer (or sometimes a reader), then you probably know what front and back matter are, the extra stuff publishers add to a book - copyright page, introduction, author information and acknowledgments, maybe even brief summaries of other books they recommend. Well, the prologue and epilogue are the front and back matter of a story. These little additions don't always need to be there, but they can be fun to read and write! 😉 Today, I'm going to list some pros and cons to having prologue or epilogue in a romantic story...

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Authors Who Make Small Towns Spicier

Since every couple needs to have at least one romantic date (Either intentionally or not) and there are so many unique ones that can happen in the small town romance category, these authors are offering some inspiration to potential readers… Small Town Romance Date Ideas

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Ten Tips for Managing a Long Distance Relationship: a guest post by Emily Moore

10 Tips for Managing a Long Distance Relationship -- Waiting for that special someone to get home? Be it your new bae or your old one, you’d want them to feel how much they mean to you. Even if you live far from each other, long-distance relationships (LDR) can be surprisingly easy. From keeping the flame alive through regular chats and video calls to planning romantic getaways, an LDR doesn’t have to be so isolating. In this blog, we’ll provide tips for managing a long-distance relationship – whether it’s your first or sixth. Whether yours is a short-term arrangement or something longer-term, these tricks will make distance relationship love messages easier on both of you...

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Six Steps to Building a Long-Lasting Relationship: a guest post by Emily Moore

Keeping a relationship alive and kicking is no easy feat. How do relationships last so long? It takes a lot of effort, time, and patience to maintain a happy partnership...

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Why Men Should Read Romance: a guest post by Rebecca A. Corio

Let’s talk about romance novels for a minute. Romance novels come with a specific stigma. They’re “cheap, cheesy, trashy, not real literature”… Do any of these sound familiar? Then, there’s the fact that romance novels are written for women only. Aren’t they? Maybe once upon a time. Now? That would be debatable. But consider, at least for the purpose of this post, that romance novels aren’t specifically written, NOT for men. Men read. As a matter of fact, men read a lot. And contrary to popular belief, a lot of men read.

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Ghosts of 2021: Romance Past, Present, and Future – New Year’s Eve Post

As the end of the year drifts toward us and we look toward tomorrow in hopes of better days to come, it behooves us to look at a mixture of the past, present, and future in preparation for the new year ahead. I guess that’s why I’ve chosen a time travel theme this year for the new romance books I’m spotlighting in this annual post. Without further ado, here they are!

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What Most People Don’t Know about Romance Novels: a romance blogger post by multi-genre author Marie Lavender

I’ve debunked the top myths about romance books before, but today I’d like to discuss facets of the genre that many of us don’t always think about...

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Heroes in Disguise: a guest post by Kelle Z. Riley

The concept of disguises dates back much further than our Man-of-Steel. Nearly every culture has elements of disguise in their rituals and religious expressions, as well as in their forms of entertainment. From morality plays to masquerade balls, Samhain to Shakespeare, disguised figures exist in both culture and entertainment. Disguise, apparently, has deep psychological things to say about us, too.

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Ten Signs You Are Ready for Marriage: a guest post by Jade Langton

Marriage is something that should be taken very seriously. Therefore, it is crucial to know whether you are ready for it or not. Read a comprehensive article on this topic; we've put together factual information for you!

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5 Tips on How to Have a Memorable First Date: a guest post by Amelia Ma

After a while, online dating can start to get a bit boring and tedious. The same pick-up lines. The same half-hearted rejections.  However, there are still various ways to make sure your first date is fresh and exciting. A little effort can go a long way! Check out this guide on how to have a memorable first date...