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Upon Your Return by Marie Lavender

a new review on Romance Novels for the Beach Blog via Upon Your Return by Marie Lavender

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Guest Author: Marie Lavender ~ Creating the Other World

A little about how I wrote my paranormal romance series…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Whenever I write in a new genre, it is daunting at first. I take the time to familiarize myself with books in that category, all the while looking at the rules it takes to write such a story. But I’ll freely admit that by the time I’m done writing a book, I end up throwing half of the rules or guidelines out anyway. I am not a writer who likes to be boxed in too much.

With paranormal romance and urban fantasy, I have been familiar with those genres for many years. I was fascinated with paranormal phenomenon even as a kid, and I read my first vampire romance as a preteen. Still, it takes some finesse and quite a bit of imagination to tackle writing in the paranormal romance genre.

How did this come about?

The idea for Second Nature came to me a long time ago, but I…

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Scifi Romance Spotlight: Blue Vision (Marie Lavender)

Coming November 15th! 🙂

Belinda Y. Hughes Books


Had enough of current affairs? Run away on a romantic winter vacation with your brand-new book boyfriend of another color! One-click Blue Vision, the new scifi romance by Marie Lavender and step into the snowy woods of Montana – and the extraordinary eyes of Colin Fielding. You’re welcome.

Brooke Sanders just wants to get away from her life for awhile. A remote cabin in Montana fits the bill. She doesn’t expect to encounter a mysterious stranger with unusual blue eyes, or events that cannot be explained…


Colin Fielding is on a mission – scout a planet and return home to Endhivar. Simple really. What he doesn’t anticipate is that fate has a pretty twisted sense of humor. Suddenly, this human calls to him, every part of him, like the call of a true mate, and he can’t deny the connection as he gets closer to her.


Little do they know, someone is out to do…

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Second Chance Heart By Marie Lavender

Don Sloan


Dana Nelson still loves Vince Reynolds even after twelve long years. She just can’t reconcile that love with the equally strong feelings of bitterness and betrayal that well up in her every time she sees him nowadays.

Dana’s dilemma stems from a brief dalliance she caught him at when the two were in college. Of course circumstances for an ongoing relationship were less than ideal. She was in Chapel Hill attending Duke at the time, and he was at NYU, and, well, Vince got caught with a blonde in his bed during a surprise visit by Dana to the Big Apple.

But, twelve years have gone by and she finds to her dismay that the intervening time has not cooled her ardor for the dark-eyed hunk.

They meet by chance in a small town during the present day and, in a sudden and unexpected close encounter, his hungry lips cover…

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A Character Interview with Victor Titus from KINDRED SACRIFICE plus a conversation with author Eryn Black!

Today, we’re doing something a little different. If you remember, we interviewed Ginger Ring’s character on November 17th and it was so fun that I thought we may as well make an occasional habit of it. I had the pleasure of meeting Eryn Black, the author of Kindred Sacrifice, on my author journey and I… Continue reading A Character Interview with Victor Titus from KINDRED SACRIFICE plus a conversation with author Eryn Black!

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Arrival of Second Chance Heart!

Check out my latest contemporary romance release! Source: Arrival of Second Chance Heart!

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Great 4 Star Review for Second Nature on Readers’ Favorite!

Source: Great 4 Star Review for Second Nature on Readers' Favorite!

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Marie Lavender stops by to chat old flames and a new book!

The lovely and talented Raegyn Perry interviews me on her blog about my upcoming contemporary romance, Second Chance Heart! You can pre-order it today! 🙂

Raegyn's World

When I first got signed with Solstice Publishing, and joined the author’s group, I had no idea what I was doing. Multi-genre and amazing writer, Marie Lavender offered to interview me (or actually one of my characters) on her site. It was the first time I really felt ‘out there’ in the public eye. I will always appreciate her support. Okay, enough of the mush, let’s get to talking to Marie.Hello there Marie, it’s so great having you here! What is the name of your newest book?   Second Chance Heart     Second Chance Heart - final cover

To tease you with her talent, here’s a blurb for Second Chance Heart

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What Kind of Author Will You Be?

Have you ever met one of your favorite romance authors in person? Yes? How did it go? And if you haven’t yet, how would you handle it? In our dreams, we want them to be well…magnanimous towards us, right? And as authors, we love to hear from our readers. But, what if the dream wasn’t the reality? Here’s some food for thought for authors and readers alike…

K. M. Warfield

Today, I want to talk about discovering what kind of author you want to be. 

I’m not talking what genre, what constitutes success, or advocating traditional publishing vs. self. I’m talking about the public image you want. How you see yourself in the role of author.

From the minute we write our first query letter, we start developing our professional image. That email is going to set the tone for your career. Yes, we’re authors and not movie stars. But don’t think for a second how we interact with others in the industry has no effect on your career.

In just a minute, I want you to close your eyes. When you do, I want you to visualize yourself at a con dedicated to the worlds you’ve created. One where you’re the guest of honor. Readers have spent hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars just to come see you in panels…

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Here is my interview with Marie Lavender

Author Interview with host Fiona!


Mariepic2 - small

Name:  Marie Lavender

Age:  34

Where are you from:  Midwestern U.S.

A little about yourself (i.e. your education, Family life, etc.):

I come from a pretty close-knit family of five with three kids (I was the youngest) and we had lots of pets.  I grew up with a huge imagination that wouldn’t quit (hence why I wanted to write) and in college, I pursued a degree in English Literature/Creative Writing.  While there, I published two works in a university publication, and was a copy editor on the staff of an online student journal. After graduating from college, I sought out my dream to publish a book.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

My last book came out in April.  It is titled Upon Your Honor, and it is book two of the Heiresses in Love Series.  Upon Your Honor is a historical romance set in the…

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