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Special Feature: What Does Romance Mean to Me? by Devika Fernando

Hi, readers! I am beyond pleased to announce a very special post today on ILRB. Recently, I asked both authors and romance readers to come to me with their responses to this big question: “What Does Romance Mean to Me?” I was genuinely interested in what made us all tick, what continued to draw us to the genre. Why do we love “love” so much? I wanted to dig deep into the heart of each person. And I’ve gotten some incredible feedback. Today is the next post in this series.

So, without further ado, let’s turn the mic over to author Devika Fernando, who has some things to say about the question at hand.

A few years ago, I decided to become a romance novelist. I’d always wanted to be an author, and romance was the first genre that came into my mind because I’d always been partial to reading it and because I believe in the power of love. But, what does romance mean to me, on a personal level and as a writer?

Sometimes people ask me whether I write from experience. The answer is yes and no. In a way, a little of me finds its way into every character and story. I think it’s inevitable when you write, especially when you think of what and how you want your heroine and hero to be. But, interestingly, the romance part is something certainly not stemming from experience. In fact, it’s my parents’ damaged marriage that paradoxically made me search for love stories that endure. It’s what I witnessed indirectly and directly while growing up that led me to exploring how relationships work, and they may or may not be salvaged. On top of that, I was always the loner and the quiet bookworm, the nerd and writer.

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And looking back now, I think that not only paved my way to becoming an artist but also gave it that much more sense to seek solace in romance novels (reading them and now writing them). Because I understood the yearning to be completed, understood, valued, seen as special and worthy of attention. Because I knew the feeling of wanting someone to scratch the surface and embark to find the real me.

It’s something I ultimately inject in all my romance novels. That’s why I create characters who are flawed and unique, who are believable and struggle and love like all of us. On a subconscious level, it might also be why I chose to write paranormal romance novels like PLAYING WITH FIRE and its two sequels. Writing about a heroine with a magical gift, who was shunned as an outsider and imprisoned in the confines of this world, made it possible to free something and to convey the message that we’re all special and we all yearn for and deserve love.

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That being said, my own ‘romantic story’ has also influenced by novels. When I left Germany after having spent the first 19 years of my life there, I met the love of my life in Sri Lanka. And that changed everything – above all, it made me realize that true love really doesn’t care about ethnicities or family issues or even previous plans for the future. It will find a way, come what may.

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All of this reflects in my multicultural romance novels like SAVED IN SRI LANKA and SEDUCED IN SPAIN.

I write not just about physical attraction and that first rush of falling in love, but also about compromising and trusting, about discovering oneself as one falls for someone else who’s more like a missing piece than a stranger.

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Romance – and love – means all that to me.


Wow! How incredibly romantic. I couldn’t have said it better myself… 😉
Thanks for stopping by with your fascinating guest post, Devika! Lovely to have you here! ♥

Guest Bio

Almost as soon as Devika Fernando could write, she imagined stories and poems. After finishing her education in Germany and returning to her roots in Sri Lanka, she got a chance to turn her passion into her profession. Having lived in Germany and in Sri Lanka with her husband has made her experience the best (and the worst) of two totally different worlds – something that influences her writing. Her trademark is writing sweet and sensual, deeply emotional romance stories where the characters actually fall in love instead of merely falling in lust.

What she loves most about being an author is the chance to create new worlds and send her protagonists on a journey full of ups and downs that will leave them changed. She draws inspiration from everyone and everything in life. Besides being a romance novel author, Devika is a faithful servant to all the cats and dogs she has adopted. When she’s not writing, she’s reading or thinking about writing.

Wait, we’re not quite finished!

So, I put the question to you as a reader today as well. What does the word ‘romance’ really mean for you? Is ‘romance’ a driving force in your life? How have your beliefs about romantic relationships informed your own relationships? Perhaps seeing other couples (parents or friends) were some kind of influence. By reading romance novels, does that help to reaffirm things for you?

If you’d like to participate in this special feature, please contact me at marieannlavender@gmail.com and I’ll schedule a spot for you. As you can tell from the schedule on the right hand side of the page, we’re getting booked fast, but don’t hesitate to join in! You do not need to be a writer or author. We want to hear from anyone. We’d love to get your take on how you feel about romance, and why you keep reading our books! ♥♥♥ 

Thanks again, Devika, for giving us your take on what romance has come to mean to you. Lovely! 😀

Readers, stay tuned for our next special feature on this topic when author Tanya Newman visits us on June 8th! Yay! 🙂

We may have other posts before then, though.

Have a great week, everyone!



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A to Z Challenge: Playing with Fire by Devika Fernando

As you know, I’m putting myself to the A to Z Challenge for blogging for the month of April.


For these posts, I’ll be giving an I Love Romance Blog score, not an official review, for books currently on my shelf at home (I know readers must wonder what books inspires us as authors) or ones that are on my TBR list (what I want to read so bad I can’t stand it!). For each book, I will give the blurb, a few lines from the text, then why I liked the book or why I’d want to read it. And for fun, I’ll give a heart rating! ♥

This is my scoring system:

I hope these A to Z Challenge suggestions will help you find a new favorite author, or further cement your love for one, if that’s the case.

Let’s jump into our next book, shall we?

Playing with Fire by Devika Fernando


Genre: Paranormal Romance



5 stars – “Very well written with characters readers will love. A fantasy adventure on elemental powers, with plenty of romance along the way. I highly recommend this book.” (LadyDestinyRose, Book Blogger)

5 stars – “Super-hot mix of Fire & Ice. This is Paranormal Romance at its best! This book has everything you can want and more.” (Azia, Reader)

5 stars – “The true power of this book is the emotional depth of each character, the interactions and especially the dialogue. I can’t wait for the next one!” (Booklover Reviews)

5 stars – “One of those books you just can’t put down; the author has a way with words that draws you into the main character’s world and holds you till the very end!” (Paula, Reader)

5 stars – “It was like a raging inferno of a roller coaster. As I read through the book I kept guessing.” (Jason T., Author)


If you’re playing with fire, prepare to get burned – or to fall in love.

Sparks fly when Felicia and Joshua meet. Discovering her inner fire and unleashing unimaginable powers makes her realize that all her life, she has been hiding her true self. When buildings burn and people are in danger, the tempting game of playing with fire becomes serious. Will their love and desperate struggle for control save her life, or will the fire magic turn itself against its mistress?

FIRE Trilogy, Book 2: Dancing with Fire
FIRE Trilogy, Book 3: Living with Fire

A few choice lines from the book:

Joshua took a last step closer until there wasn’t more than an inch or two of space between them and she could feel her heat and his coldness warring with each other, testing the boundaries for a chance to leap and attack – or to leap and dance.
When he leaned his face down, Felicia’s breath hitched and her pulse started racing. Inside her belly, the flames shot higher and higher, wanting the kiss that was surely about to happen.
“Don’t,” she whispered despite the almost aching desire to feel that connection again.
Stopping a hair’s breadth before her face, he whispered back, “Why?”

His cool breath that smelled as minty and wintry as the whole man brushed over her trembling lips.
Struggling to put her conflicting feelings into words, she blurted out, “You’ll get burned.”
That purely masculine, dangerous grin tugged at his lips which were so enticingly close that she could almost taste them.
“What if I enjoy playing with fire?” he asked, voice deep and low and full of promise.

My Score:

If that hot teaser doesn’t say it, I don’t know what will.

Devika Fernando is an author pal of mine, and as soon as she released a paranormal romance, I knew I had to have it! No, I haven’t read the book yet, but is on my Amazon Wishlist and my Goodreads TBR shelf!

This one sounds quite intriguing. Who doesn’t like a little magic with their romance? I give it four hearts, because I can’t wait to read it!

four hearts

Oh, and don’t forget to pick up the whole series! 🙂



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My awesome author pal Devika Fernando’s big giveaway!

Hi, readers! I just wanted to pop in and mention that my cool friend and fellow author Devika Fernando is running a huge giveaway for a limited time on her blog. With 16 authors and 19 books, how could you possibly go wrong?


Oh, and they’re all romance books, or related to romance in some manner. Yay! I love romance. ♥♥♥♥♥

Romance novelist Devika Fernando is celebrating her birthday – actually on the 29th, but one can never start celebrating early enough. 😉 Happy birthday, Devika!

You’re cordially invited to join the party by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway. Up for grabs are bookish prices that will make any bookworm’s heart beat faster. If the luck is with you, 19 eBooks by 16 authors from all around the globe will be yours soon! All you have to do is show the authors some love and then raise your glass in a virtual toast.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So, stop by Devika Fernando’s cool giveaway within the next 35 hours to compete for a chance to win some free books! Sounds like a great plan to me!  🙂


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Versatile Blogger Award: Thanks and Nominations!

Many thanks to


About Carol


Carol Balawyder was born in Sherbrooke, Quebec and now lives in Montreal. She taught ESL and criminology for many years. Now, retired, she concentrates her time on writing crime novels, memoirs (see Mourning Has Broken under C.A. Balawyder)and women’s fiction. She is the author of Open for Business, Windows on Sci-Tech and her stories have appeared in Room Magazine, The Anthology of Canadian Writers and Mindful.org.
You can visit her at www.carolbalawyder.com


The Versatile Blogger Award is given in recognition for the great commitment, diverse talents and generosity shown by bloggers here in our community. There is so much creativity on show that it is difficult to reduce a list to only a few but for those nominated it is hoped that it will motivate them as well as celebrate their work to date.

Here are the rules:

– Show the award on your blog

– Thank the person who nominated you

– Share seven facts about yourself

– Nominate up to fifteen blogs

– Link your nominees’ blogs, and let them know

Seven facts about me:

1. I am a bit of a perfectionist at times. If something isn’t right, it really bugs me and I have to find a way to fix it.

2. I just received Honorable Mention in the 2014 BTS Red Carpet Book Awards.

3. My first published book was a literary fiction and poetry anthology.

4. I was once a copy editor for an online student journal in college.

5. I tend to put my characters through a lot of trouble in my books.

6. I love writing, and I can’t imagine doing anything else!

7. When I am working on a project, my calico cat Emma often tries to steal my snacks. LOL.


Some of the bloggers I’ve chosen are new to my blog, while others have visited before. But, all of them are talented, wonderful ladies!

Celia Kennedy – http://www.womanreinventsself.blogspot.com/


About Celia

Celia Kennedy was born in Wurzburg, Germany on a military base. Her parent’s penchant for traveling has stuck with her, she’s lived in and traveled through several countries.

The imagined world has always fascinated Celia. She has studied Art History, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, and Architecture. Her thirteen year career at UW in Seattle ended in 1996. Not wanting to be homeless, she left the academic world and worked as a Landscape Architect, married the love of her life, became a mom, has been PTA President, Girl Scout leader and Boy Scout leader.

The unimaginable wealth in her life is the most fascinating thing to her.

Her love of travel, the designed and natural world, friendship, self-discovery, wine, chocolate, AND love are the foundation of her books.

Celia published her first book, Charlotte’s Restrained, The Accidental Stalker in December 2012, Venus Rising in August of 2013, Sugar It’s Cold Outside, Cupid on the Loose Anthology, April’s Fool, Fool’s Rush In Anthology, 2015 AND Kathleen’s Undressed, The Accidental Enigma on February 23, 2015. Three other works are in progress.

Devika Fernando – http://www.devikafernando.com/blog

profile pic

About Devika

Almost as soon as Devika Fernando could write, she imagined stories and poems. After finishing her education in Germany and returning to her roots in Sri Lanka, she got a chance to turn her passion into her profession. Having lived in Germany and in Sri Lanka with her husband has made her experience the best (and the worst) of two totally different worlds – something that influences her writing. Her trademark is writing sweet, yet deeply emotional romance stories where the characters actually fall in love instead of merely falling in lust. What she loves most about being an author is the chance to create new worlds and send her protagonists on a journey full of ups and downs that will leave them changed. She draws inspiration from everyone and everything in life. Besides being a romance novel author, she works as a self-employed German web content writer, as a translator, and as a faithful servant to all the cats, dogs, fish and birds in her home. When she’s not writing, she’s reading or thinking about writing.

Having always loved to read and write, Devika made her dream come true in 2014 when she became a self-published novelist. The Amazon bestselling author has published several eBooks in the genres contemporary romance, paranormal romance and romantic suspense. Her German and Sri Lankan roots influence her writing.

Beverly Ovalle – http://beverlyovalleromance.blogspot.com/






About Beverly

Beverly Ovalle dabbled with writing on and off for years when her best friend finally dared her to submit a story to a writing contest. She decided she had nothing to lose and since she’d always wanted to be an author sent it in and agonized for months waiting to hear back.

Beverly has been obsessed with dragons and romance since she was a young girl, collecting dragon books and reading everything she could find on them even down to the care of real life dragons. On the other hand she’s always been slightly panicked that the world as we know it will end, so has prepped for it, haunting survivalist pages and prepper projects she felt she needed in the event her world ended.

An avid fan of all romance, Beverly’s goal is to share her love of the written word and write the hot and erotic romances that she enjoys. She writes what she loves to read and it was only a matter of time before her obsessions crept into her writing for her to share.

A Navy Veteran, Beverly’s traveled around the world and the United States to be able to bring her settings to life, meeting and marrying her husband of twenty five years along the way for her own romance. Reading romances since the fourth grade she’s followed as the genre changed and spread into the vast cornucopia of romance offered today.

Sue M. Van (aka Haven Malone) – (Love her Gravatar! So magickal!)https://indieauthorsblog.wordpress.com/


About Sue

I am a 61 year old grandmother of 5 and mother of 3 beautiful daughters. I am trying to be an author as well. This blog is dedicated to Indie Authors who need a bit of assistance getting their books noticed.

A.B. Funkhauser – http://abfunkhauser.com/


About A.B.

A.B. Funkhauser is a funeral director, classic car nut and wildlife enthusiast living in Ontario, Canada. Like most funeral directors, she is governed by a strong sense of altruism fueled by the belief that life chooses us and we not it.

“Were it not for the calling, I would have just as likely remained an office assistant shuffling files around, and would have been happy doing so.”

Life had another plan. After a long day at the funeral home in the waning months of winter 2010, she looked down the long hall joining the director’s office to the back door leading three steps up and out. At that moment a thought occurred: What if a slightly life-challenged mortician tripped over her man shoes and landed squarely on her posterior, only to learn that someone she once knew and cared about had died, and that she was next on the staff roster to care for his remains?
Like funeral directing, the writing called, and four years and several drafts later, Heuer Lost and Found was born.

Andreia – https://bookscoffeeandpassion.wordpress.com/


About Andreia

Welcome! My name is Andreia. I’m 31 and live in a beautiful small town. I have a lot of passions but books were my first passion, my first love. This blog is all about books and a good cup of coffee. I read, recommend and review them.

Please follow these wonderful bloggers and share the post so that others can too.

And finally, as Sally from smorgasbordinvitation suggests, if you do not have the time to repost and share your award with others, simply accept this box of chocolates she has offered up on her own blog instead.  Yum! 😀





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