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Author Interview on Rachael Stapleton’s blog

Monday, January 12, 2015 Today I'm interviewing bestselling author Marie Lavendar who prefers a gel pen to a keystroke and a journal page to a computer. When asked if she had any quirks she admitted that while she doesn't write in the shower, she does find herself working on scenes in there. I had to… Continue reading Author Interview on Rachael Stapleton’s blog

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Guest Post: Why Research Is Important and How to Do It (Marie Lavender)

Check out my article on how to do research with your writing today on Belinda Y. Hughes’ blog!

Belinda Y. Hughes Books

Impreial Federation c maps bpl org Image credit

When my friend Belinda suggested the topic of how to do your homework when writing historical romances, I thought I’d take it a step further since I have done all kinds of research in my writing career.  Research is a dual-edged sword.  It can be a total blast if you’re into learning about new things.  On the other hand, it can be a real pain when it’s difficult to find the right information.  No matter what stage of writing you’re at, you will, at some point, need to look something up.

First of all, let me get the big question out of the way, the one I was arrogant enough to ask myself so many years ago.  This coming from someone who wasn’t a fan of history class, but loved reading historical romance.  Cue the irony.

“Why is research so important?”

Indeed!  Why should we go to…

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Come Sail Away to the Past by Marie Lavender

An article about how I did my historical research for UPON YOUR HONOR…

Seasons of Love

From Christina: As another historical romance writer, I know the need for careful research. Today, Marie Lavender offers a glimpse at how she uncovers accurate information for her stories.


Come Sail Away to the Past

by Marie Lavender


CLIPPERPICAs Upon Your Honor is a period romance, I wanted to cover some of the tough research I did for the book. Though it is getting easier the more I write, I did struggle with some technical issues during the writing of the manuscript.

For example, as most of Chloe’s journey is aboard La Voyageur, captained by Grant Hill (the hero in the first book), it was necessary to research ships. Clipper ships, to be exact. Clipper ships were very popular in their time, from 1840 to 1869. They were very fast and could outrun many other ships. I chose the clipper because I knew the captain would want a…

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The Genesis of a Book – Leather and Lace by Marie Lavender

 This was a guest post on Exquisite Quills blog. Thursday, March 13, 2014 Start with a Title My newest book is Leather and Lace, a romantic suspense.  It was released in November.  It is about a cop and the stripper he pursues because not only does he believe she is involved in a crime, he… Continue reading The Genesis of a Book – Leather and Lace by Marie Lavender