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Radio Interview!

For our lovers of paranormal romance, you’ve gotta check this out…

Later today, I’ll be chatting with awesome author team and radio hosts of the Haunted Nights Live! show, Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross. This radio show is quite popular, and the Thorne & Cross team has seen some very famous authors on there. Check out the list of past guests here.

Check us out at 8PM EST to get some sneak peeks of two books I have coming out later this year, a futuristic paranormal romance/urban fantasy, Blood Instincts, book two of the Blood at First Sight Series, and Awakening, a paranormal romantic thriller collection.

Plus, for those who have a fascination with the supernatural, we’ll be talking about that too. 😉

So stop by tonight! You can call in with questions or sit back and listen in. I’m not sure if the interview will be posted right away on the site, but you should be able to hear it as it airs.

Here is the official link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/authorsontheairradio2/2017/04/07/marie-lavender-joins-thorne-cross-haunted-nights-live

Follow the Haunted Nights Live! duo on their Facebook page here, or check out their Twitter handle and blog.

As always, thanks so much for being great readers on the I Love Romance Blog! ♥♥♥

Happy reading, and have a wonderful day! 🙂


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A to Z Challenge: Sisters of the Night by Linda Lee Williams

As you know, I’m putting myself to the A to Z Challenge for blogging for the month of April.


For these posts, I’ll be giving an I Love Romance Blog score, not an official review, for books currently on my shelf at home (I know readers must wonder what books inspires us as authors) or ones that are on my TBR list (what I want to read so bad I can’t stand it!). For each book, I will give the blurb, a few lines from the text, then why I liked the book or why I’d want to read it. And for fun, I’ll give a heart rating! ♥

This is my scoring system:

I hope these A to Z Challenge suggestions will help you find a new favorite author, or further cement your love for one, if that’s the case.

Let’s jump into our next book, shall we?

Sisters of the Night by Linda Lee Williams


Genre: Paranormal Romance


Emaline Hoffbrau is a beautiful, confident vampire. After losing the vampire man she loved, she doubts that her soul mate exists. When the charming Garrett Thompson comes along, he turns her world upside-down. Can Garrett accept what Emaline is? Or will he break her heart in a different way?

Juliana Slater is a gorgeous, manipulative vampire. She’s married to Chad Browning, a “regular man.” Although Chad loves Juliana, he’s not sure he wants to be her husband anymore. Will a tragedy decide their fate? Or can the two of them forgive each other and learn to trust again?

Gretchen Eberhardt is living with Bertram Fulbright, a sexy vampire and “ladies’ man.” To complicate matters, he’s slept with her best fang friends. Can a vampire couple find lasting love together? Or will Bert abandon Gretchen for another woman one day?

A few choice lines from the book:

Best fang friends…

When Emaline returned to their table, Juliana grabbed her arm.  “Guess who I just saw?”

“Garrett,” she said as she sat down.  “I have no idea what he’s doing here, Hilliard.  I told him I never wanted to see him again.”

“He must want to see you, Emaline.”

“He doesn’t have the balls to come over, not with all of us sitting at this table.”

Juliana arched a brow.  “Really?  Well, if I’m not mistaken, that’s him heading our way right now.”

Emaline looked, and sure enough, it was Garrett…long, lean, and just as handsome as ever.  Her heart skipped several beats.  As if right on cue, Hilliard put his arm around her.

“Happy Saint Patrick’s Day,” Garrett said, grinning like a leprechaun.  His gaze drifted from Emaline to the cake.  “Are you getting married, Gretchen?”

Everyone was smiling at him, except Hilliard and Emaline.

Gretchen nodded.  “To this guy right here.”

“Hey, congratulations.”

Bert shook the hand he extended.  He glanced around the table.  “It’s nice to see you again, Juliana.  Sorry, I don’t know the rest of you…”

Emaline’s rudeness forced Juliana to introduce Garrett to everyone else.  His hazel eyes twinkled with alcohol and merriment as he watched her.

“Just wanted to say hi, Em.  Now, you don’t have to be afraid you’ll run into me.”

“Garrett, would you please just leave?” she said.

“Yeah, sure.  Have fun.”  His smile faded as he walked away.

Juliana stared at her.  “God, Emaline.  You didn’t have to be so mean to him.”

“Don’t you understand?  He views us as curiosities.”

Bert shrugged a shoulder.  “We are curiosities.”

“I don’t care.  I still think he had a lot of nerve coming over here when he can see I’m with someone else.”

Amused, Hilliard said, “I guess you shouldn’t have slept with him, then…or bitten him.”

Emaline flushed.  “I told you that in confidence, Doctor.”

All the women laughed, Carly the loudest.  “My, you are a busy girl, Emaline,” she teased.  “Seriously, it took a lot of courage for Garrett to come over here.  Hilliard doesn’t give a damn, do you, Hilly?”

“I only give a damn if he’s harassing her.  If not, then it’s Emaline’s call.”

“What is it you don’t like about him, honey?” Sonya asked.

“Maybe he’s no good in bed.  Most men aren’t,” Anke said, and she and Elsa snickered and nudged each other.  Bert chuckled, shaking his head.

Gretchen observed her.  “You should apologize to Garrett.  You hurt his feelings.”

Juliana nodded.  “Yes, you should.  Not that I recommend taking up with a regular man.  Right now, I could drain Chad dry and leave his lifeless body in a heap somewhere.”

Hilliard filled Juliana’s and his wine goblets.  “You never know, Emaline.  Garrett could be your heart’s true desire.”

“Oh, for God’s sake.  Now you sound like my poor, misguided mother.”

“Gretchen’s mother is misguided.  Yours is sage and sweet-tempered,” Bert said.

Emaline frowned, sure that everyone and everything was against her.  She started to pass around plates.  “Juliana, cut the cake.  Then maybe Bert will cut the crap.”

That brought a round of laughter.  Gretchen gazed at her fiancé, her dark eyes glittering almost as brightly as her three-carat diamond.

A sick knot formed in the pit of Emaline’s stomach.

My Score:

The author, Linda, is a close friend of mine, and I have to say I have been dying to read Sisters of the Night ever since I read the first book in the Blood & Company Series, Old Town Nights! I absolutely loved it and when there were other sequels, I knew I’d love them too!

Now, though I haven’t yet read Sisters, I do have it on my Kindle. I’ve just been so swamped with work. I do plan to read it as soon as I can.

I give this book five hearts, because who can resist three paranormal romance tales in one book? Or a book about vampires? Not me! 🙂

five hearts

And readers, don’t forget to check out the whole series!

Blood & Company Series


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A to Z Challenge: Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward

As you know, I’m putting myself to the A to Z Challenge for blogging for the month of April.


For these posts, I’ll be giving an I Love Romance Blog score, not an official review, for books currently on my shelf at home (I know readers must wonder what books inspires us as authors) or ones that are on my TBR list (what I want to read so bad I can’t stand it!). For each book, I will give the blurb, a few lines from the text, then why I liked the book or why I’d want to read it. And for fun, I’ll give a heart rating! ♥

This is my scoring system:

I hope these A to Z Challenge suggestions will help you find a new favorite author, or further cement your love for one, if that’s the case.

Let’s jump into our next book, shall we?

Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward


Genre: Paranormal Romance


#1 New York Times bestselling author J.R. Ward’s thrilling new novel in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

Payne, twin sister of Vishous, is cut from the same dark, seductive cloth as her brother. Imprisoned for eons by their mother, the Scribe Virgin, she finally frees herself-only to face a devastating injury. Manuel Manello, M.D., is drafted by the Brotherhood to save her as only he can-but when the human surgeon and the vampire warrior meet, their two worlds collide in the face of their undeniable passion. With so much working against them, can love prove stronger than the birthright and the biology that separates them?

A few choice lines from the book:

“What do you say?” her healer murmured.

“I think you came at the perfect time. That’s what I say.”

She shifted in his arms and stared up at him. As she sat in his lap, she wished she could feel more of him. All of him. But from the waist down there was only a nonspecific warmth, one that was better than the chill that had persisted since the operation, yes…but there was so much more to be had.

“Healer…” she whispered, her eyes going to his mouth.

His lids lowered and he seemed to stop breathing. “Yeah…?”

“May I…” She licked her lips. “May I kiss you?”

He seemed to win, as if in pain, but that scent he carried roared, so she knew that he wanted what she did.

“Jesus…Christ,” he bit out.

“Your body wants this,” she said, bringing her hand up to the soft hair at the nape of his neck.

“And that’s the problem.” At her look of confusion, he leveled a hot stare right at her breasts. “It wants a hell of a lot more than just a kiss.”

Suddenly, there was a shift inside her body, one so subtle it was hard to pin down. But she felt something different throughout her torso and all her limbs. A tingling? She was too wrapped up in the sexual energy between them to worry about defining it.

Snaking another arm around his neck, she said, “What else does it want.”

Her healer groaned deep in his throat, and the sound gave her the same shot of power as when she’d had a weapon in her hand. To feel that again. It was like a drug.

“Tell me, healer,” she demanded. “What else does it want?”

His mahogany eyes were on fire as they locked on her own. “Everything. It wants every square inch of you – outside…and on the inside. To the point where I’m not sure you’re ready for how much I’m after.”

“I decide,” she countered, a strange, pounding need taking root in her gut. “I decide what I can and cannot handle, yes?”

His half smile was all evil. In a good way. “Yes, ma’am.”

As a low, rhythmic sound filled the air, she was surprised to realize it was her. Purring. “Do I have to ask again, healer?”

There was a pause. And then he slowly shook his head back and forth. “Nope. I’ll give you…exactly what you want.”

My Score:

This book is part of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. I love J.R. Ward books! I have read all of this series, except for the latest book, The Beast, which released on April 5th.

After so many novels centered around the ‘Brothers’, the feminist in me finds it a bit refreshing to see a kick-ass heroine pop up in Lover Unleashed. Only one other character in the series so far could have fit that description, and that was Xhex, also a warrior/assassin.

Payne has been tucked away in a prison of her mother’s making for a long time. Through unusual circumstances, she gets the chance to experience the real world. She meets Manny because she is injured and he’s her physician.

As Payne heals, she learns all about this new world, regains her strength and awakens to a desire she’s never known. We also get the human/vampire relationship complications. This is a really great book, the perfect companion to the series, and J.R. Ward lets us delve a little deeper into the mind of Vishous, Payne’s brother, in the process. I give this one five hearts!

five hearts

And don’t forget to check out the rest of the novels in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, or the recent spin-off series, Black Dagger Legacy! 🙂

Black Dagger Brotherhood -J.R. Ward



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A Character Interview with Colin Butler from MY HAVEN, MY MIDNIGHT plus a conversation with author Isobelle Cate!

Today, we’re doing something a little different. If you remember, we interviewed Linda L. Picl’s character on October 20th and it was so fun that I thought we may as well make an occasional habit of it. I had the pleasure of meeting Isobelle Cate, the author of My Haven, My Midnight, on my author journey and I asked her if she’d let me borrow one of her main characters, Colin Butler, from the book. We’ll get a chance to talk to Isobelle in a bit, but now we have on the stage…Colin!


Marie Lavender:  Hello, Colin.  Please have a seat.

Character Colin Butler:  Hello.  Thank you for having me.

Marie:  Of course. We’re going to start out with some simple questions, all right?

Colin: All right.

Marie:  What is your occupation?  Are you any good at it?  Do you like it?

Colin:  I am the Dux of the Leeds Cynn Cruors. I am one of the best recons the Cynn Cruors have. Most of the time, my right hand, Craig Shaw and I are assigned to missions with the Manchester Cynn Cruors. Sometimes, it’s the other way around. Call it a symbiotic relationship. When I’m not busy fighting, I’m busy making money. I have a club and restos, and organize raves. Do I like it? Oh yeah, especially when I see so many pretty young things. Am I any good at it? It would appear so if we’re raking in hundreds of thousands a night just in one club, Le Club Cinq Mille.

Marie:  Okay. Great! 

So, what is your family like?

Colin: My family? Ahh, Marie, we are treading on deadly ground here. And I mean truly deadly. If it weren’t for the woman I love and Blake Strachan, a Cynn Cruor brother who said something to The Hamilton, I might not be here talking to you. That’s all I can say and it’s already a lot. I’d rather keep the rest to myself.

Marie:  All right, I respect that. But, your response is intriguing, to say the least.

Let’s try something else, okay?

What did your childhood home look like?

Colin:  Much better. It was beautiful, it still is. I have returned to where I was born to raise my family and raise my son as a future immortal warrior.

I have built a home close to Loch Awe in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. There are majestic mountains that buffer my house not from the cold because I don’t feel the cold, but it separates us from the outside world. It’s a haven for my wife and my son away from the life I left behind when I was banished.

We used to have a longhouse where my parents, Makenzie, my brother, and I lived. Da was often with the Hamilton fighting the Scatha as far as I can remember so oftentimes it was Mam, Mack, and I who tilled the lands and watched over cattle with the help of the people who lived with us. These people had been driven away from their homes by the Duke of Cumberland during the Highland Clearances. The longhouse is long gone, but I haven’t built my house over it. I have kept it as a memorial of my parent’s sacrifice.

Marie:  All right, I can see it pains you to admit that…

Let’s try a different question.

Do you have any hobbies?  What do you enjoy doing?

Colin:  Hobbies? The only hobby I had for the longest time was to decapitate as many Scatha Cruors I could find. (Grins.) Now that I have a family, I enjoy spending every moment with them. When my son is older, I will enjoy teaching him how to be a Cynn Cruor the way my father taught me and my brother.

Marie:  All right. So, what is your greatest dream?

Colin:  My greatest dream is to see my brother once again and the end to the Cruor wars.

Marie:  Can’t blame you there…

Okay, so, what kind of person do you wish you could be?  What is stopping you?

Colin:  I wish I could be the best Dux for the Leed Cynn Cruors. What’s stopping me? Let’s not go there. I don’t want to talk about something that continues to be a dull thorn on my side.

Marie:  No problem. I respect your privacy.

All right. I’m going to throw another random question at you now. 

Who was your first love?

Colin:  The woman I married. Amaryllis Hart.

Marie:  (Sighs.) I love romance…

My Haven, My Midnight

All right. So, what’s the most terrible thing that ever happened to you?

Colin:  The loss of Mackenzie, my brother.

Marie:  I’m really sorry to hear that. 😦

Let’s move on to something a bit lighter now, shall we?

[Colin nods.]

What was your dream growing up? Did you achieve that dream? If so, in what ways was it not what you expected? If you never achieved the dream, why not?

Colin:  To be a great Cynn Cruor warrior. With The Hamilton training me together with Craig and the rest of the Manchester Cynn Cruors, I fulfilled that dream. Sure, there is a lot of fighting, but that was what I was born to be.

Marie:  All right.

So, tell us…who is your role model, Colin?

Colin:  My Da. He gave up his life to save a family from the Scatha Cruors who fell on them when they were thrown out of their lands by the Crann Tara.

Marie:  Wow…so sorry. I didn’t realize that’s how you lost one of your parents. How horrible for you, but I can understand why you’d respect the honor he exhibited at the time.

Let’s try something else. Well, you’ll probably think I’m digging for dirt on the next question. 

Is there someone you pretend to like but really dislike?

Colin:  No. If I don’t like a person, I just won’t give him the time of day. So far, the only beings that fit that mold are the Scatha Cruor.

Save for one.

Marie:  Okay. You have me curious now…

Tell us. What is your deepest desire?

Colin:  My deepest desire is for the Cruor wars to end so that I can live in peace with Amaryllis and my son, Duncan.

Marie:  That’s understandable.

Let’s try a different question…

What is your greatest fear?

Colin: That I die before my son comes of age. I have seen many Cynn Cruor children who have become orphans so early in their lives. I don’t want that for my son.

Marie: I  can certainly understand that worry.

Well, we’re out of time. Thank you for visiting us today, Colin. It was so interesting getting to know you!

Colin: It has been a pleasure, Marie.

(Waves goodbye to her guest.)

Marie:  Now, let’s shift over and get the author’s perspective.  We have author Isobelle Cate on the stage today. It’s so lovely to talk to you again, hon. I remember when we interviewed you on the Writing in the Modern Age blog back in March. Hi again, Isobelle!

Official logo - IC

Author Isobelle Cate:  Hi Marie! Great to see you again. 🙂

Marie:  Thanks! We just got to talk to the hero of your story, Colin. Quite an interesting character.  Can you tell us a little about him?

Isobelle: Oh yes, he was difficult to write. Colin Butler is a crack shot and one of the best Cynn Cruor scouts. He and his team do the recon for many of Cynn Cruors’ missions. He often has a ribald sense of humor and loves women…a lot. But he has a secret that can lead to his and his team’s death. Literally.

Marie:  I see…that’s quite intriguing, though. 

So, what are your character’s greatest strengths?

Isobelle: He’s reliable, dependable, loyal to a fault, self-sacrificing.

Marie:  Nothing wrong with that!

Now, let’s take the opposition on that. What, do you feel, are Colin’s greatest weaknesses?

Isobelle: His being loyal to a fault and self-sacrificing is both his weakness and his strength. It’s how he and Amaryllis, his mate, lost his life.

Marie:  I see.

Let’s try something else…

What are some of his favorite foods?

Isobelle:  Beef and spicy garlic sausages. Sure, he has the vampire DNA inside him, but he doesn’t get affected by garlic.

Marie:  (Laughs.) That comes in handy! 😉

So…what’s a positive quality that your character is unaware that he or she has?

Isobelle:  Colin believes that he has to keep proving himself, to show his loyalty because of the secret he had kept hidden for so long.

Marie:  I see.

Will readers like or dislike this character, and why?

Isobelle:  Readers will definitely like Colin, maybe even love him for the sacrifices he has made through the centuries. He will stay with readers even after the last page of the story has been read.

Marie:  Can’t go wrong with that description! I’m dying to learn more about the book.

Now that we have a real taste of Colin, we have a few questions for you as well as the author.

Isobelle:  Okie doke. Fire away!

Marie:  What first gave you the idea for My Haven, My Midnight?

Isobelle:  I was writing Midnight’s Fate and there was a battle scene. In that scene, Finn Qualtrough, the hero in Rapture at Midnight tears through a horde of Scatha Cruors and werewolves – the first time the Cynn Cruors fight the weres since the series began. Colin watches from his vantage point high up the Silver Cave and sees how his fellow Cynn Cruors viciously kill as many Scathas in the same way he does. It was at that moment that I thought, I needed to make Colin more interesting. He has always had this devil-may-care attitude when he battles the Scatha Cruors, he has an incredible zest for life, but he has a tendency to be suspicious. So while I was mulling over the scene, it suddenly hit me that Colin Butler has a reason why he was this way.

This is how My Haven, My Midnight was born.

Marie:  Genius!

So, what is your writing style like? Are you a pantster or a plotter?

Isobelle:  I am more of a pantser than a plotter. I do try to plot, but am unable to write down just the plot. Later on, the dialogue will come to mind and I have to write that down lest I forget. I am trying my hand again at plotting. It’s a slow process for me.

Marie:  All right.

Now, I’m throwing this one in for our aspiring writers. Did you come across any specific challenges in writing My Haven, My Midnight or publishing it?  What would you do differently the next time?

Isobelle:  Yes. Writer’s Block. I thought I was immune. Wishful thinking! I had it for a while and I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to finish writing the manuscript by my self-imposed deadline. I had to push through that block – I actually imagine it as a moss-covered wall I have to climb to get to the other side. I kept reading the drafts and I was not satisfied until maybe after the 7th draft. When I felt that it was the best that I could make it, then I sent it to my publisher, Beau Coup Publishing. Luckily, they liked it as well.

If there was anything I could do differently? Oh, gosh, I wish I had the luxury of time to write so that I can fully concentrate on writing continuously. And maybe do more plotting that pantsing particularly because the series is getting more complicated.

And to aspiring authors – never give up. All of us now have an opportunity to become a fantastic writer. There are so many readers out there who want to read the stories you are inspired to write. Do not think that just because one reader may not like your writing, the rest will follow. For every disparaging reader, there will be four to five readers who love what you give them. If there are naysayers, separate the constructive criticism from the I-love-to-troll-your-books attacks. There will always be people who have nothing better to do except to put people down. These are the people you don’t need to listen to.

Finally, believe in yourself. If you do, your characters will too, and they will give you the inspiration to be the best storyteller you can be.

Marie:  All of that is awesome advice!

Well, it was a such a pleasure having you here on the I Love Romance Blog!  And how apropos is that, considering what a great story My Haven, My Midnight appears to be.

Readers, you will just have to pick up a copy of this awesome book by Isobelle Cate, a very talented author! 🙂

My Haven, My Midnight

Here is the blurb for My Haven, My Midnight:

Amaryllis Hart has lived a hard life. Falsely accused of theft, she decides to live the life thrown at her until one encounter tosses her into a world she does not believe exists and into the arms of the immortal who steals her heart.

Colin Butler, Dux of the Leeds Cynn Cruors and his second, Craig Shaw, return to Leeds abruptly after a secret Colin has been keeping for centuries, returns. In their attempts to keep it under wraps, another situation blows up in their faces, bringing Colin face to face with his past and his future—a violet eyed beauty who heals his soul.

As luck would have it, Colin’s secret is unearthed. To top it all, Dac Valerian and Herod D’Argyl are in Leeds and the Ancients’ enforcer arrives to pass judgement on the Dux of the Leeds Cynn Cruors.

Colin has to make the hardest decision of his life. Either he walks away from the past that will forever haunt him or make up for a past he had no control of and lose the woman he loves.

Isobelle is also offering us a great excerpt from the book!

“Where are you?” Colin moved away from the group even as he opened his telepathic link with his men. He left the security room and made a beeline for the alleyway.
Keep Seth and the rest occupied.
“Wouldn’t you like to know.”
There was an angry growl. “I’m not Mackenzie. I haven’t been for a very long time.”
“Then why call me brother?” Colin knew he was goading Mackenzie. He could not help it. The need to know if his brother was still inside that Scatha shell was overpowering. He was desperate. He wanted his brother back. He wanted his fellow Cynn Cruor returned. Mack had always been a bit short-tempered, ever since their parents died. Colin pushed the fire door and walked into the alley.
“Fuck you!”
Colin’s hand rested on his hip and he looked up at the sky framed by the buildings’ rooftops. Yup, his brother was still there. A humorless smile crossed Colin’s mouth. “That’s quite a unique name you’ve given me.” When he heard a moan in the background, Colin lowered his head, his eyes narrowing at the brick wall in front of him. “Where are you, Mackenzie?”
“I’m not—”
“No matter what you think or do or say, you’re still bràthair to me.”
A painful moan.
“What the bloody hell did you do now?” Colin asked, his voice furious. He paced the alley.
“Always my fault, isn’t it?” Mackenzie accused. “I didn’t want to be a Scatha. You made it happen but it will always be my fault. Why can’t you get it through that thick skull of yours that you’re to blame?”
Colin’s chest tightened with the guilt that never left him since Mackenzie’s transformation. Now was not the time or place to dwell on it. “Where is she? I swear to God if you hurt her—”
“I’m the worse Scatha there is. I’ve got a fucking bloody conscience! I hate it!” His brother snapped before muttering, “I don’t know why the fuck I’m doing this.”
Colin kept quiet, his empty hand curling. “Where are you?” he repeated. “Let her go. Leave her in a place where we can pick her up. I won’t chase after you tonight.”
“No. I can’t do that.”
“Why the hell not?” Colin blazed, pacing the narrow alley. He bluffed. “We know where the Scatha lair is.”
“I’m sure you do, but I’m not there.”
“We’re just running in circles, Mackenzie.”
“I’m here. At the Faesten.”
“What?” Colin stopped dead. “Why?”
“Because I don’t want the Scathas to know about her.” He sighed, resigned. “She needs the Cynn Cruors’ protection.”

Ooh, riveting!

Purchase Links:

Universal Amazon link:  http://bookgoodies.com/a/B0106CTVCY

Barnes & Noble:  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/my-haven-my-midnight-isobelle-cate/1122241164

CreateSpace:  https://www.createspace.com/5588073

About Isobelle Cate

Official logo - IC

Isobelle Cate is a woman who wears different masks.  Mother-writer, wife-professional, scholar-novelist.  Currently living in Manchester, she has been drawn to the little known, the secret stories, about the people and the nations:  the English, the Irish, the Scots, the Welsh, and those who are now part of these nations whatever their origins.  Her vision and passion are fuelled by her interest and background in history and paradoxically, shaped by growing up in a clan steeped in lore, loyalty, and legend.  Isobelle is intrigued by forces that simmer beneath the surface of these cultures, the hidden passions, unsaid desires, and yearnings unfulfilled.

Isobelle’s Books:

Coming Soon:


Available Now:

My Haven, My Midnight










And, if you want to know how to connect with the amazing Isobelle Cate, here are some of her author links:

Website/Blog:  https://isobellecate.wordpress.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/AuthorIsobelleCate

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Isobelle_Cate

Amazon Author Page:  http://www.amazon.com/Isobelle-Cate/e/B00E5OD27K/

Google+:  https://plus.google.com/+IsobelleCate/posts

Goodreads:  http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7191925.Isobelle_Cate

Publisher:  http://www.beaucoupllcpublishing.com/isobelle-cate/

Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBbB7h0DL9CEVRPJqByDOzA/videos 

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/clpardington/author-isobelle-cate/

Additional:  http://microcerpt.com/isobellecate/


Once again, I want to thank both of our guests, Colin Butler, the male main character of My Haven, My Midnight, and Isobelle Cate, the brilliant author of the novel, for stopping by!  It was so much fun to have you here! 🙂


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Great 4 Star Review for Second Nature on Readers’ Favorite!

Source: Great 4 Star Review for Second Nature on Readers’ Favorite!


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Great news for Second Nature!

I just received some awesome news! Second Nature, book one of the Blood at First Sight Series, was nominated to compete in the TRR Readers’ Choice Awards  for Winter 2015. Yay! Thank you, TRR! 😀

SecondNature-final cover

Second Nature is now in the next round, where readers must vote for it!

In the Nomination Round, Second Nature has to garner at least 50 nominations within the time period in order to qualify for the next and final round. The nomination will start on September 11 and end on September 30. Please feel free to nominate the book here: http://www.theromancereviews.com/viewbooks.php?bookid=16286

OR you can vote here at http://www.theromancereviews.com/bookvote.php

You’ll find Second Nature listed in the Paranormal Romance category about three-fourths the way down the page.

Anyway, this is quite an honor! So, don’t forget to vote for Second Nature, as well as your other favorite books! 🙂


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Thoughtful, 5 Star Review for Second Nature!

 I just found this great review for the first book in the Blood at First Sight Series! Woo hoo! 🙂
SecondNature-final cover
5.0 out of 5 stars A dose of mush & thrill, July 25, 2015
This review is from: Second Nature (Blood At First Sight Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
A cup of tea never goes out of fashion, nor do the kind of books that guarantee cosiness to go with it. We are, of course, talking here about romance. And Marie Lavender has a knack for serving it well.
As the author notes about the protagonist – a vampire, “All he’d ever hoped for, when you looked past the bitterness of fate, was acceptance. He had foolishly wanted to be accepted despite his supernatural flaws. And that just wasn’t possible.” That ironically is true for the very genre of romance in the sense that window of acceptance of deviations is rather slim. Readers around the globe are so invested in romantic stories on a sentimental note from the outset that little room is left for any dramatic manoeuvres. Unlike Scifi which allows unheard-of theatrics, Mystery which necessitates unforeseen twists or Adventure which guarantees unexplored arenas, Romance has to comply with specific human ideas of pleasure and love. For, these stories tend to our heart and are blind to all else, thus designed to bear an immense responsibility with a delicate touch. So there must be losses, a somewhat fairy tale approach, passionate lovemaking, an unquenchable thirst, a character both beasty and tender, and the joy of reunion. Perhaps no other element typifies this essence of a love story than vampires do.
Second Nature opens with a woman managing the strings of loneliness, work, a new life and bitter past. Her first rendezvous with the blood-sucking hero, Alec, is sudden and something of a fantasy, despite teetering on lines of “consensual rape.” It leaves us gasping for more, and the author caters to that well enough in the chapters that follow. The story bears ample juice, thanks to a nice little teleportation power she has accorded her lead character, while the lady gets a more subtle but spicier power of reading the other’s mind. There is something that Ms. Lavender seems to be building towards that doesn’t come out in the open. And while the two lovebirds part ways momentarily and go through revelations of their respective past, the source of Desiree’s powers remains a mystery. Cue: Book 2?
Marie Lavender does not complicate her writing. The descriptions are just about sufficient and well spaced to allow us a vision of wall-and-wood that surrounds the unfolding affection. But she pulls us into the latter’s steamy sessions and doe-eyed discussions well enough to draw our focus on matters of anticipation. Yet, the genius lies in her plot itself. It is well paced and simple, but shapes up the characters and their background to such an extent that one can’t help but wonder whether a larger set-piece is about to unfold in this series as a whole. Maybe I simply want that to happen. That is one area the plot can definitely improve upon and go all out on.
Regardless the status, though, we have a story in our hands that gives us what it promises – a dose of mush and thrill.
Thank you so much, Malay, for your awesome feedback! Don’t worry; there are more surprises coming in the second book! 🙂


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Last Monday with…Marie Lavender!

A cool author interview on KateMarie Collins’ blog!

KateMarie Collins

Everyone please welcome paranormal romance author, Marie Lavender!

1. What’s the title of your latest release? Link?

My latest release is Second Nature, a paranormal romance/urban fantasy. It was released on December 8th, and it is book one of the Blood at First Sight Series. The links are below:

Universal Amazon: http://bookgoodies.com/a/B00Q7FWIWA

Publisher: http://solsticepublishing.com/second-nature/

CreateSpace link: https://www.createspace.com/5131233

2. Why do you like writing in this genre?

I love it! I can open my mind completely, and let that inner world of the story unfold. I’ve always believed there is a lot more to the world around us than we think, things we can’t even begin to imagine. So, why not take that a step further and believe in the unknown or in fantasy worlds? Is it an escape from reality? Sure, but fiction is as well. Writing about the paranormal gives me the creative license I may not have, say, in historical writing, where past events…

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Win a copy of SECOND NATURE!

Hi, readers! I just wanted to direct your attention to a very cool giveaway on TRR today.

If you scroll down the page here, you can find a question about the heroine Desiree’s eyes. Pay special attention the instructions on the site. If you answer correctly, you could go into a raffle to win a copy of Second Nature, book one of the Blood at First Sight Series. Yay!

SecondNature-final cover

You may need a TRR reader account to compete, but that is a free and painless process.

So, stop by the event at TRR for a chance to win Second Nature, and please feel free to participate in the giveaways for other books as well. 😉


Good luck, and happy reading! 😀


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A Character Interview with Cassandra Monteclaire from BOUND TO A VAMPIRE plus a conversation with author Grey Francis!

Today, we’re doing something a little different. If you remember, we interviewed Nina Mason’s character on June 9th and it was so fun that I thought we may as well make an occasional habit of it. I had the pleasure of meeting Grey Francis, the author of Bound to a Vampire, on my author journey and I asked her if she’d let me borrow on of her main characters, Cassandra Monteclaire, from the book. We’ll get a chance to talk to Grey in a bit, but now we have on the stage…Cassandra!

Cassandrapic - Grey Francis author - Bound to a Vampire

Marie Lavender:  Hello, Cassandra.  Please have a seat.

Character Cassandra Monteclaire:  Hello.  Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Marie:  It’s good to have you visit. We’re going to start out with some simple questions, all right?

Cassandra: Of course.

Marie:  What is your occupation?  Are you any good at it?  Do you like it?

Cassandra:  I am an obstetrician, specializing in high-risk pregnancies. I perform both human and vampire deliveries.

As far as how good I am at my job… Well, I’ve been doing it for over three centuries, so I guess you can say I have more experience than your average OB. I also have the advantage of being a Healer, which in the vampire world refers to someone who can heal any injury or disease with their hands. With my touch, I can fix virtually anything — from stopping hemorrhages to keeping a baby’s heart beating. I’ve never lost one yet.

I love my work. My mother was a midwife and in my human life, I followed in her footsteps. It’s all I ever wanted to do. For years afterwards as a vampire, I wanted to make a difference in the human world. I’ve lived a long time and I’ve seen a lot of suffering. But I’ve learned you can’t save the world. Now, I work exclusively with my own Kind and the human blood donors who live among us. Every birth for us is a miracle but every birth is high risk for the vampire mother. I like to be challenged and helping bring more of my Kind into the world is very rewarding. I am also doing research on the vampire biology to see how to make us fertile more than once a century. It’s a work in progress.

Marie:  That’s impressive!

So, what is your family like?

Cassandra:  Wow, that’s a complicated one. I have two mates and they’re completely different. First there’s Killian, my Sire. He is an eight hundred year old vampire who embodies both masculine and feminine beauty in one extraordinary body, resonating sex and power like a drug. He is as elegant as he is deadly. He’s a commanding leader and brilliant businessman with an incredible intellect. He also has unfathomable powers that even I don’t understand. Killian is Dominant and our Master in the bedroom – and a true artist in the practice of Bondage and Discipline. When he looks into my eyes, he sees me all the way down to my soul. I never have to tell him my needs. He knows them better than I do. He has always been my touchstone and the hand the guides me. For a long time, while he was gone, a big part of me was missing.

Then there is my other mate, our Third, Alastair. We are from the same time in history and when we met, he was our human Protector with no intention of ever becoming a vampire. Alastair has a dark savage masculine beauty about him. We’ve always had an uncontrollable, sexual heat between us and were undeniable mates from almost the beginning. A great deal has happened since those early years, which I won’t get into here, but Al is now our King and carries the Arm of Power, making him feared, respected and untouchable. But in the bedroom, he is Killian’s submissive and my Dominant. He is the perfect switch. Outside the bedroom, however, there’s no question Alastair can be stubborn and arduous, definitely the dark brooding type. But he is also the funniest person I’ve ever known. No one is more fun or makes me laugh like Al. But as I said before, he never wanted any of this. In his heart, Alastair has always been, and will always be, a ruthless and talented warrior. The spirit of the wolf lives inside him, making him difficult to control, yet utterly impossible not to love.

These two males are my mates and my heart. Together, we have brought four children into this world—extending in ages from three hundred years old to one hundred. Each possesses a gift of their own that makes them a vital part of the empire we rule. But regardless of their individual powers and talents, I see each as a beloved child, a miracle, and an expression of the love that exists between myself and my mates.

Marie:  I see. What did your childhood home look like?

Cassandra:  Well, you’re talking the 1640’s, so from the little I remember it was a cottage with stone walls, a thatched roof and a dirt floor. It was small and had a stone hearth. I recall only a table and one straw bed I shared with my mother. The most distinct thing I remember about my first home was my mother’s work area where she crushed herbs and made tonics. It smelled of lavender and mint and chamomile flowers. To this day, when I smell these scents, I think of my mother.

Marie:  Do you have any hobbies?  What do you enjoy doing?

Cassandra:  I’m a bit of a workaholic. Much like my mates, none of us rarely stops. But when I do have down time, I enjoy curling up with a good book (I read everything from medical research texts to romances), but my true passion is watching movies. I love science fiction, political intrigues, family dramas, and good romances. But no horror. I’ve had enough of that in my real life! I’ve seen vampires films and find them amusing, if not annoying. But I admire the human imagination. For years, when Killian was gone from our lives, Alastair and I would spend our weekends locked together away in our flat listening to music and watching every film we could get our hands on.

Marie:  So, what is your greatest dream, Cassandra?

Cassandra:  My dream is for my children to what I have been so miraculously blessed with– to be with bonded with a True Mate (or mates as the case may be.) Our children have not been so fortunate. Each has found their True Mate, but for reasons too complicated to get into here, they stay apart from their mates and suffer from the empty void it leaves in their lives. It has been rumored that my disregard for fate and my restoring of lives destined to end, has left a curse upon my family. I do not know if I believe in these superstitions. But I do believe in the power of love and it’s ability to conquer anything. Even curses. My dream is for each of my children to overcome their personal demons and then knock down the barriers between themselves and their mates, and let themselves be loved.

Marie:  What kind of person do you wish you could be?  What is stopping you?

Cassandra:  Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I’ve had almost four centuries to become who I want to be. And yet I remain a jealous and possessive creature. So much bad came from my inability to accept the vampire nature. By that, I mean we are not strictly monogamous. We live too long to not exchange sexual energy with other vampires. But for me, my mates have always been more than enough. Alastair, much younger than Killian, needed sexual conquests as a form of nourishment. I was counseled to accept this by every vampire I respected. Because I was not able to share my mate, even in this fleeting, meaningless way, my actions led to my own capture by the Torians and Killian’s decision to go to the earth for over two centuries. All those years lost, all those years wandering in search of him, stem from one single act of defiance. Defiance that came from a jealous heart. And yet, to this day, I still tell Alastair he is free to take his pleasure with any male, but I will not tolerate another female in his bed. Alastair, only recently, has obliged this wish in an attempt win me back by his side. But he gave up a great deal of personal power in order to do so. Remember, sex and blood feeds the immense power inside of him. And it is that power that protects us all. I realize now I was asking him to go against his nature and jeopardize his strength as King. So to answer your question, I wish I did not care. I wish my heart beat more like a vampire’s and less like a human’s. Nothing is stopping me. I try everyday, century after century…

Marie:  All right, so I’m going to throw another random question at you now. 

Who was your first love?

Cassandra:  That’s an easy one. I had no real notion of love until Killian took me to his bed that first time. He took ownership of me–body and soul. And I, in turn, understood the ecstasy of surrender. It was as if I was finally awake for the first time, every inch of my body alive with pleasure. He deflowered me as a vampire and showed me how to truly make love. But he also showed me the depths of my heart by sharing his own with me. No matter who came before, it was all washed away when Killian claimed me as his.

Marie:  (Sighs.) I love romance.

Bound to a Vampire - Front Cover

Let’s try a different question, shall we?

So, what’s the most terrible thing that ever happened to you?

Cassandra:  Not to sound overly dramatic, but there have been so many horrific events in my long life, it’s hard to pick one. I’ve been captured by Torians and kept in silver manacles, my skin constantly burning and peeling, never knowing when I’d be killed. A century later, my son was captured and tortured for weeks on end before we found him. Friends have been hacked to pieces before my eyes by our enemies. How do you live in this violent world for over three centuries and pick the most terrible event? But in truth, there was one thing more terrible than all the horrors I witnessed. And that was losing Killian. When I escaped the Torians and found Alastair, we thought we’d find Killian in a matter of days or weeks. When Beaumont, his attorney, read his will, we realized Killian had no intention of coming back from wherever he’d buried himself. It was that moment, and the hundreds that followed when we wandered across Europe for decades in search of him, hitting one dead end after another, that we realized we’d lost him. Nothing can replace a mate, especially one like Killian. We were two lost souls without him. We had to learn to be for each other what we’d both lost.

I’m so sorry.  😦

Let’s move on to something a bit lighter, okay?

[Cassandra nods.]

What was your dream growing up? Did you achieve that dream? If so, in what ways was it not what you expected? If you never achieved the dream, why not?

Cassandra:  My dream has always been to help people. Not just as a midwife, but as a healer. As a human, I had the ability to take away pain with my hands. Seeing the relief and peace I could bring people with my touch, I knew it was my calling. But back in those years, a simple healer did not aspire to too much. I only knew I wanted to help as many people as I could before someone called me a witch and had me killed. That came soon enough. It wasn’t until I was made a vampire and my gift turned into the ability to heal that I saw the bigger picture. I wanted to help humankind on a grand scale. Of course, that was impossible. Killian made certain I only used my healing on humans in our own inner circle. Otherwise, I would have caused mass hysteria. It was hard for me to understand that then. I felt only that I was being held back and that my great gift was being wasted. I swore one day, I would break free and find a time and place where I could heal without superstition and fear. That time was the 20th century. With the liberation of women, I went to medical school and opened a medical practice. Of course, I had to put an ocean between my mate and myself in order to do so, and that was horribly difficult, but I lived my dream.

But you ask an interesting question: was it not what I expected? The answer is no, it was not. I was finally able to help people but the price was too high. I was separated from my own Kind – my mate, our children and all our friends. I was living in exile. In time, I realized my own Kind, our warriors fighting nightly battles and our females struggling to bring life into this world, needed me more. The human race would struggle on with their medications and machines. But my place was among my own Kind where I didn’t have to pretend to be something I wasn’t.

Marie:  I see.

So, who is your role model, Cassandra?

Cassandra:  Strangely enough, because I barely remember her anymore, my role model continues to be my mother. My memories of her are of being awakened at all hours of night, sometimes in the worst of weather, and dragging herself, and me, to wherever farm or village a woman was giving birth. There was never a consideration of herself or her own discomfort, only the purpose she served. It is that blind dedication that inspired and molded me into the healer I am today.

Marie:  That is certainly an honorable calling.

Well…you’ll probably think I’m digging for dirt on the next question. 

Is there someone you pretend to like but really dislike?

Cassandra: Sadly, there was, but she is no longer with us. She was a selfish, short-sighted human and a ruthless vampire. I had the misfortune of being her Sire, and as such, I had to pretend to care for her well being. But it was always difficult knowing I’d brought a monster into the world. As I said, she is no longer with us. The French Revolution and the rampant violence and anarchy of the streets took care of her, so I will not speak ill of her any more other than to say some vampires are their own worst enemies and bring about their own demise.

Marie:  Very true.

So, what is your deepest desire?

Cassandra:  My deepest desire has always been, and continues to be, making love to both my mates at the same time. There is a deep connection and a euphoric flow of power that inhabits us when the three of us become one. Whether we are in the bedroom or our dungeon, whether we are using leather restraints or we are just flesh-to-flesh, I am nourished by their uninhibited, ravenous passion, not just for me, but also for each other.

Marie:  Okay. What is your greatest fear?

Cassandra:  Loss. I know it well and I don’t want to feel it ever again. I know that’s impossible, but I do whatever is necessary to protect my own. With the return of Killian, I have been given an extraordinary gift. But there are so many others close to my heart who put their lives in jeopardy every night and there are only so many times I can bring them back from the edge of death. But that’s what I do. I keep everyone alive. Or at least try.

Marie:  Well, I hate to say it, but we’ve run out of time. Thank you for visiting us today, Cassandra.  (Waves goodbye to her guest.)

Now, let’s shift over and get the author’s perspective.  We have Grey Francis on the stage today. Hi, Grey!

Grey Francis - Author Photo

Author Grey Francis:  Hi. Thank you so much for having me here, Marie! 🙂

Marie:  My pleasure! 

As you know, we just got to talk to the hero of your story, Cassandra. Quite an interesting character.  Can you tell us a little about her?

Grey:  Cassandra is a passionate character – not only in her relationships with her mates, but in her quest to save each of them. But like many women, Cassandra is torn between her career and her family. In the past, she struggles between wanting to do more as a healer and being obedient to Killian and the Triune. In the present, she must choose between her medical practice in New York and returning to her vampire clan in London. Ultimately, love always wins out with Cassandra. Her deep love for her mates is the very fabric of who she is. When she discovers Killian is alive, after being missing for over two centuries, she stops at nothing to find him, including using Forrest and his Sentient resources to track him down before they do. She does this despite the strained relationship that has developed between these former allies and Vampire nations. She also pursues this dangerous route against her mate’s wishes. Cassandra can be headstrong and stubborn and rebellious this way.

Cassandra also goes to great personal lengths to calm the overwhelming power that churns inside Alastair that ultimately threatens to destroy him. At one point in the story, Alastair describes Cassandra as “pure love.” She is sensitive and intuitive in regards to Killian and Alastair’s deep but fractured love for one another and stops at nothing to mend their relationship. Early on in the story, Cassandra has a vision of the three of them together and acts as a conduit to bridge the gap between these two complicated males. Three and a half centuries later, she must do this again despite the festering betrayal that haunts Alastair. Cassandra is not only a healer of the body, but she heals the emotional scars of the ones she cherishes and forces them to work it out. What I love about Cassandra’s character is her personal growth throughout the story. She is always a strong woman, but her willingness to act ruthlessly when necessary and act independently of her overpowering Master Vampire mates, shows how she really comes into her own as a woman and as a vampire.

Marie:  That’s great!

So, what are your character’s greatest strengths?

Grey:  Cassandra’s greatest strength is her compassion. Even as a newly turned Vampire who feels betrayed by the human race for attempting to execute her as a witch, she still feels a great deal of compassion for the suffering of human women and children. Despite being forbidden to do so, Cassandra goes to great lengths to help abused women or pregnant women who would not otherwise survive birth without her intervention. Killian calls this quality Cassandra’s “human stain”, but it is more of a gift than any of them realize.

Marie:  Now let’s take the opposition on that. 

What, do you feel, is her greatest weakness?

Grey:  Cassandra’s strength is also her greatest weakness. Her compassion for humans, a world she has been sworn to not interfere in, is something she is willing pursue, even if it means betraying her Master’s wishes. There are disastrous consequences resulting from Cassandra’s unwillingness to stop delivering human babies and she almost loses everything she holds dear because of her recklessness.

However, I think it’s a toss up between Cassandra’s human stain and her possessiveness of Alastair. Her unwillingness to share him sexually, a common practice among vampires, causes turmoil in the Triune and makes her act out irrationally, again with disastrous results. As Killian tells her at one point in the story, “Your problem, my darling, is you love him too much.”

Marie:  Okay. So, what are some of her favorite foods?

Grey:  Even though my vampires can eat and enjoy solid food, they really prefer blood. When Cassandra does eat, she appreciates a very rare steak.

Marie:  Let’s try something else.

What’s a positive quality that your character is unaware that he or she has?

Grey:  That would be a quality in the bedroom. Although Cassandra is a natural submissive, she at certain points, in order to help her mate, must take on the role of the Dominant. As a Mistress, she is commanding and knows how to use bondage and controlled pain to banish Alastair’s demons and release the unwieldy power that builds up inside him. She believes she cannot completely tame him, but when she really needs to, Cassandra can transform herself and take control, bringing her great King to his knees.

Marie: Will readers like or dislike this character, and why?

Grey:  Readers will like Cassandra and probably identify with her on many levels. Cassandra starts her journey in a pretty dark place. Women, especially midwives and healers, were persecuted throughout history. Watching Cassandra become vampire, we see her rise from the ashes of being a victim of violence to being a strong powerful creature who will never let a man abuse her again. Cassandra projects a sense of empowerment with her choice of human prey, gravitating almost exclusively to rapists and abusive men. Readers will certainly sympathize with Cassandra as a strong, intelligent female in a historical context, struggling to have a say over her life and her powers. They may even recognize her success as a doctor in the modern world as a feminist journey through time. And lastly, as a creature of passion, Cassandra fulfills our fantasies of being mated to not only one scorching hot, seductive and powerful male, but two. But it is her emotive nature and her compassion that make her the most human of all my vampires, and I think readers will find themselves relating to her over and over.

Marie:  Great!

Now that we have a real taste of Cassandra, we have a few questions for you as well as the author.

What first gave you the idea for Bound to a Vampire?

Grey:  The story has really changed a lot from my original idea. When the book was born in my head, I was thinking about the women in my life and some of our more adventurous sexual histories. Everyone has a history, some more extensive and interesting than others. Who didn’t have that great love that vanished from their lives? Or that big mistake we’d rather not think about. As humans, these adventures usually take place over a relatively short period of our overall lives. Then I started wondering about vampires. I was already deeply entrenched in vampire literature for years and I was frankly, a little tired of the male perspective. I wanted to know what a female vampire’s sexual/romantic history would look like after several centuries. Would it be a long messy trail of great loves and tragic losses? I found this idea fascinating. I wanted to go into the past and document a female vampire’s love life. But once I began, Cassandra did not cooperate and took on a personality of her own, dedicating herself to only two lovers. Two very disarmingly sexy, complicated, charismatic, powerful lovers. In the end, it allowed me to explore a very deeply complex triad that was far more interesting than a parade of characters coming in and out of her life.

Marie:  Wow, that is fascinating! Isn’t it funny how things turn out not only different than you planned, but better? 😉

So, Grey, what is your writing style like? Are you a pantster or a plotter?

Grey:  I am definitely a plotter. I create long, detailed outlines, sometimes including dialogue (whenever it comes to me, I write it down, even in the outline). I follow my outline, but inevitably as the characters develop, the story evolves and new scenes are added, often taking me in unexpected directions. A book, at least for me, is almost a living, breathing thing. I give it life but then the characters take over.

Marie:  Yes, I know what you mean. Some of my characters really go their own way. (Laughs.)

So…I’m throwing this one in for our aspiring writers. Did you come across any specific challenges in writing Bound to a Vampire or publishing it?  What would you do differently the next time?

Grey:  This is my first book and I tried for months to get an agent. I rarely got past a form letter from an editorial assistant. It was very disheartening, especially as someone who worked in both publishing and film, having written screenplays that have been represented and working with hundreds of authors — I knew I had something. After a lot of research I decided to self-publish. It’s a lot of work, but I liked having the control over who designed my cover and having input and I liked working directly with my editor. I have no regrets. I worked with the options that were available to me and these days, as writers, we definitely have options. The biggest challenge has been marketing and making the world aware of my book. I think next time I would definitely start the marketing and publicity end of things much earlier in the process.

Well, it was such a pleasure having you here on the I Love Romance Blog.  And how apropos is that, considering what a great story Bound to a Vampire appears to be.  Readers, you will just have to pick up a copy of this awesome book by Grey Francis, a very talented author!  🙂

Bound to a Vampire - Front Cover

Here is the blurb for Bound to a Vampire (Into the Dark Woods Series).

Cassandra Montclaire is a three-hundred-and-sixty-year-old vampire living in modern-day New York. Her human life ended three centuries earlier when, condemned as a witch, she was rescued and turned by a Master Vampire named Killian. Bonded in a passionate trio with their Protector, the three lived an exciting and dangerous life full of love, decadence, and dark passion. But then Killian vanished without a trace. Until now.

A human ally of Cassandra’s has proof Killian is alive and is killing off members of his organization. Killian is now a marked man, and Cassandra must find him before time runs out and he is eliminated.

But Cassandra must first journey into her torrid past and face her demons before she can fight for what was lost.
Filled with erotic passion, great tragedy, and dark mystery, Bound to a Vampire is a turbulent thriller that delves into the history of vampires and the dramatic events that shaped them into who they are. For fans of Vampire Mistress by Joey Hill, author Grey Francis creates a vibrant world where secrets abound and the BDSM power exchange between mates is as essential to their survival as the blood they drink.

Purchase Links:

Universal Amazon link:  http://bookgoodies.com/a/B00TKOBMDQ

Tower Books:  http://www.tower.com/bound-vampire-into-dark-woods-grey-francis-paperback/wapi/135326373

About Grey Francis

Grey Francis - Author Photo

Grey Francis, a native of Los Angeles, has been writing since she was a teen, penning stories about ghosts, witches and vampires, among other denizens of the night. After graduating with a B.A. in Journalism from San Diego State University, Grey was employed in the New York publishing world before relocating
back to Los Angeles to work in the film industry. She later explored her fascination with the paranormal as a screenwriter, but it wasn’t until the birth of her series, Into the Dark Woods, that she found her voice as an erotic novelist. When Grey isn’t writing her next book, she is a busy full-time mother of two children.

Grey’s Book:

Bound to a Vampire - Front Cover

And, if you want to know how to connect with the amazing Grey Francis, here are some of her author links:

Website:  greyfrancis.com

Blog:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/13504371.Grey_Francis/questions

Facebook:  facebook.com/greyfrancisauthor

Amazon Author Central:  http://amzn.to/1JHSssN

Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/13504371.Grey_Francis

Once again, I want to thank both of our guests, Cassandra, the female main character of Bound to a Vampire, and Grey Francis, the brilliant author of the novel, for stopping by!  It was so fun to have you here! Readers, don’t forget to check out Grey’s latest release!  🙂

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