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Readers Collections – Favorite Romance Reads


A big part of ILRB is discussing romance novels! So, I’ve put out a submissions call to both readers and authors, just to find out which ones we like the most. Writers are readers too! I know it’s mega difficult to choose a favorite romance novel, but these authors did their best. Here is our list!



The Unyielding Series from Nashoda Rose ~ If I had to choose a favorite from these, I’d say Perfect Chaos

Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley

Darkness Series from Katie Reus

The Dark in You Series from Suzanne Wright

– reader’s collection from D.E. Haggerty


My favorites are Mary Stewart’s Thornyhold, and the more recent ones are:

A Mail Order Heart by Janelle Daniels

Mistletoe and Chainmail by Elizabeth Rose

And the series Middleton high by Laura Ann

Series Yellowstone by Peggy Henderson

– reader’s collection from Cindy Tomamichel


Darkness Dawns by Zakarrie Clarke:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/43839572-darkness-dawns

Knight (Sons of the Alpha #1) by Addison Carmichael:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/43437944-knight

– reader’s collection from Maggie Blackbird


Here are a few of my top faves:

Queen Takes Knights by Joely Sue Burkhart

Venomous by Penelope Fletcher

Love Edy by Shewanda Pugh

– reader’s collection from Lashanta Charles


Gabriel’s Woman – Robin Schone (O-M-FREAKING-G FAVORITE)

The Lover – Robin Schone (companion to Gabriel’s Woman)


Lover at Last – J.R. Ward

Emma Holly – Courting Midnight

Dark Need – Lynn Viehl

Cry to Heaven – Anne Rice

The Persian Boy – Mary Renault (WILL NEVER PART WITH THIS BOOK)

Not written as a romance but it’s in the subtext — long out of print but worth scouring old bookstores for a copy:

Teot’s War by Heather Gladney.

– reader’s collection from Kayelle Allen


Midnight Savior by Arial Burnz

Guardian by Angela Knight

My Lady Quicksilver by Bec McMaster

Winterblaze by Kristen Callihan

– reader’s collection from Amber Daulton


My favorites are A Walk to Remember and The Longest Ride, both by Nicholas Sparks.

– reader’s collection from Karina Bartow


BOOK #1:

I just finished reading The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty by Amanda Filipacchi and it has a romantic subplot. The story centers around Barb and Lily; one is an unearthly beauty and the other an ugly duckling. I found the entire cast of characters quirky, damaged, and endearing. The first half has some dark undertones, yet is lighthearted and ridiculously hilarious, too.

BOOK #2:

I read These Haunts Are Made for Walking: A Ghost Hunter Cozy Mystery by Rose Pressey and really enjoyed it. The storyline is a paranormal romance with a murder mystery and delightful! I really enjoyed the quirky characters and the budding romance with the sexy cop. A must read if you like paranormal romance cozies.

-reader’s collection from Sherry Soule/S.A Soule


Anything by Meghan Quinn – The Other Brother

Ilsa Madden-Mills – Dirty English

Alex Grayson – Whispered Prayers of a Girl

Jen Luerrsen – F*cking Frank

– reader’s collection from Monica DeSimone


A few of my favorites are:

Not Broken by Meka James

Faster by Deana Birch

Opening Nights by Coralie Moss

– reader’s collection from Amelia Foster


The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward

Chicagoland Vampires Series by Chloe Neill

The Ideal Man by Julie Garwood

Under Her Skin by Susan Mallery

– reader’s collection from Marie Lavender


Wow, this is so hard, because there are so many.

Recent reads:

Reluctant Romance by Leighann Dobbs is one of my favorites. The story was based around pets, which I love.

The Christmas Cookie Shop by Ginny Baird is a Christmas romance favorite.

Previous reads:

The Blood & Company vampire series by Linda Lee Williams will always be a favorite. I’m not a fan of vampires, but hers are loving vampires. These include:

Old Town Nights

Sisters of the Night

New England Nights

As I said, these are only a couple of my favorites. There are so many. I only read Indie books. It’s a way of supporting Indie Authors.

– reader’s collection from Carole McKee


The Chesapeake Bay Saga – Nora Roberts

Love at Stake Series – Kerrelyn Sparks

Welcome to Temptation / Faking It – Jennifer Crusie

Agnes and the Hit Man – Jennifer Crusie (hilarious romantic comedy!)

– reader’s collection from Linda Lee Williams


I just re-read a perennial favorite, Cinderella Deal by Jennifer Crusie.

My fave go-to authors are Jane Porter, Sara Mayberry, Kelly Hunter, Megan Crane and Molly O’Keefe

– reader’s collection from Lilly Christine


On a Lee Shore by Elin Gregory – https://amzn.to/2THdfpg

Among the Living (PsyCop book 1) by Jordan Castillo Price – https://amzn.to/2JWlyOu

– reader’s collection from Dianne Hartsock


A Bride for Lord Redfield by Arabella Sheen:  http://beachwalkpress.com/shop/a-bride-for-lord-redfield/

Interlude by Jeffery Martin Botzenhart:  http://beachwalkpress.com/shop/interlude/

– reader’s collection from Faye Hall


Diana Gabaldon – Outlander Series

Kathleen E. Woodwiss – Come Love A Stranger

– reader’s collection from Diane Merrill Wigginton


Please, if you’d also like to join in on the fun, just email me at marieannlavender@gmail.com with a brief list of your favorite romance reads. Then I’ll add your info here.


Have a lovely day, everyone!