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“Lost in You” – a poem

Lost in You

I get lost in your kisses,

so slow and romantic,


the beautiful way our lips brush,

our tongues meet,

unhurried but still seeking more,

seeking comfort and pleasure.


I get lost in your arms when you hold me close,

My concerns drift away and for that moment,

it’s just you and me,


the way it should be.

I need you more every day.

I love you.


I get lost in the press of your lips on my neck,

on my body.


I shiver everywhere and I start to crave more.

I get lost when you caress me all over,

my breasts,

my hips,

my belly,


anywhere you want to worship me.

The pleasure heightens and I am taken to another place,


a place beyond worries and responsibilities,

a place where you and I can love each other freely.

My body has always wanted you more than anyone else.


My mind and yours are so in sync sometimes, it’s startling.

And yet, it’s natural.

I am so in love with you.

We get closer every day, telling secrets and dreams we have.


I get lost in the way we connect so perfectly.

We are truly one, and yet individuals,

with different preferences and opinions.

I get lost in your care,

your promises,

the way you love with every word,

every breath,


every touch.

You are my center,

my everything.

I get so lost in you that when we are apart for a time,

I can’t wait to be back with you,

hearing your voice or feeling your arms around me.


I get so lost in you, love,

because you are my home.


And I will always,

always return to you.


© Marie Lavender, 2014.

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