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“A Language of Our Own” – a poem

A Language of Our Own Checking the minutes as they tick away on the clock, my belly tightening in anticipation, I try to keep myself busy. Sometimes I still feel like that girl again – when everything was new, the excitement was maddening – I don’t think one can ever get used to it entirely.… Continue reading “A Language of Our Own” – a poem

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“In Your Arms” – a poem

In Your Arms In your arms I’ve found my place, I can finally breathe, learn to let go of some of life’s stressors.   In your arms I am at peace, the world melts away until it’s only us, our quiet breaths, our shared connection, only you and me and nothing else matters, your caressing… Continue reading “In Your Arms” – a poem

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My Romantic Thought of the Day 48

Real love is being with someone who knows your flaws, and despite the hard times, still finds you amazing and sticks around. 

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“Lovers Like Us” – a poem

Lovers Like Us From the window the stars in the sky seem to mock me, the walls in here are too close, wanting in this night, yearning for your arms, craving your soul next to mine,                                    but lovers who hate goodbyes will always stay true… Remembering your kiss, the kind that can change from… Continue reading “Lovers Like Us” – a poem