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Guest Poet Spotlight: D.L. Owens

Hi, readers! Now and then on the I Love Romance Blog, I recognize poets and their wonderful, romantic poems. Today D.L. Owens has stopped by to showcase some of her work for us. I love poetry, almost as much as I love romance! It is music for my eyes, and a song in my heart.… Continue reading Guest Poet Spotlight: D.L. Owens

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Most viewed blog post!

I am happy to announce that WordPress informed me about our blog post with the most views this year. With 267 total views and 220 views on December 23rd alone, I find that awesome! 🙂  Here is the post: August 13, 2014 · 3:25 am Is there anything sexier than a neck kiss? Oh my God,… Continue reading Most viewed blog post!

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Is there anything sexier than a neck kiss?

Oh my God, ladies...is there anything sexier than a neck kiss?  Does this also make you weak in the knees?  I mean, other kisses are pretty awesome as well, but the neck kiss?  I'm talking about the  "close your eyes-you're in heaven-you'd agree to anything" kind of moment.  Are you with me? I love it! … Continue reading Is there anything sexier than a neck kiss?